Kate Winslet

5 October 1975, Reading, England
39 years

Kate Winslet is an award-winning actress who most recognise from her roll as Rose in Titanic. Was often teased for her weight at big feet as a child. Refuses to lose weight just to fit the Hollywood ideal.

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Sneak Peak: Celebrities Autumn Street Style

Friday 6:41 PM, 10/09/2010
Sienna Miller Claudia Schiffer Drew Barrymore Gwyneth Paltrow Alesha Dixon Blake Lively Kate Winslet Katie Holmes Kate Moss Olivia Palermo
It doesn't matter how much we wish that summer would last forever, eventually it always ends and when it does all you can do is embrace the new season! We've spotted a few celebs doing just that lately. They've said farewell to their summer wardrobes and settled into their autumn ones. Summery dresses have been swapped for blazers and leather jackets and sandals have been given the boot from boots. However noticeably missing are the California girls! We guess they'll get to enjoy the last strays of sunshine for a while longer... But until they too swap into their autumn gear you can enjoy the street style of these New Yorkers and Londoners!
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Street Style: Star Style Straight off the Street!

Wednesday 2:32 PM, 25/08/2010
Stephanie Pratt goes girly in a printed mini dress Pink in her classic style, a black mazi-dress kickass sunglasses and wedge heel sandals Tila Tequila shows off her LV and matches it with a leather jacket and jeans Reese Witherspoon is relaxed and pretty in a simple tank and soft mini skirt - we love that bag! Nicky Hilton is the coolest girl at the V Festival, even all dressed down! Kate Winslet is in love again and is dressing to impress in a classic black and white combo Kat Von D shows off her tattoos in a printed tank, leggings and edgy worker boots Jennifer Love Hewitt is loving the 50's trend, this style of dress is perfect for her figure! Drew Barrymore is back to Boho in a shawl, fringed top and pirate boots Amber Heard is a lady in gray lace and a chic updo
There are so many different trends out there right now, there is something for everyone to wear! Take some inspiration from stars like Pixie Lott, one of our favourite Brit fashionistas of the moment and be impressed with stars like Kate Winslet and Jennifer Love Hewitt who are trying out new looks!
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First Look: Kate Winslet's New Model Boyfriend!

Monday 6:25 PM, 23/08/2010
She is looking amazing too!
As most of you know Kate Winslet and her director husband Sam Mendes announced their plans to divorce in March this year, shocking the world! Well now it looks like Kate is ready to show everyone she has moved on! Even though these two have been rumored to be dating for more than a month now, Kate has refused to comment, but this weekend she proudly showed off her new man. He is Burberry model Louis Dowler and if we were her, we would also want the world to know he was ours! The couple made a big show of holding hands while out and about in London this weekend and were clearly staying together at Kate's hotel. Way to go Kate!
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Red Carpet Failures: Photos That Will Turn Them Red!

Tuesday 2:35 PM, 03/08/2010
Has Heidi Klum been possessed by an alien? Kate Winslet Carmen Electra Kate Moss Paris Hilton Terri Hatcher Jessica Simpson Mischa Barton Kristen Stewart Cameron Diaz Lily Allen Avril Lavigne Tyra Banks Ellen Page Eva Mendes
We're sure most of today's celebs would agree that it's hard to get every pose right, there are bound to be a few bad red carpet pictures slipping through the cracks every now and again! Luckily for you guys we've searched high and low to find some of those infamous bad red carpet photos. Have a look at these 21 Hollywood ladies looking everything but fabulous. Now we know - they're mortals just like us!
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Kate Winslet is that you?!

Monday 10:50 PM, 19/04/2010
She looks so different! Not her sexiest look...
We spotted Kate Winslet on the first day of filming for her latest movie today in New York City, but we almost didn't recognise her in the weird period costume she was wearing! It looks like Kate is going for Oscar again in this one! Its called "Mildred Pierce" and it looks pretty intense from these pictures! We be its great for Kate to get away from her divorce issues and focus on work. She is a true Hollywood actress!
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Kate Winslet's Family Still Together - Kind of!

Friday 10:44 AM, 09/04/2010
Ok maybe not so happy! making it work!
Even though Kate Winslet and her husband Sam Mendez announced their plans to divorce just a few weeks ago, they are still one big family! The couple are even still living together in their big 3 storey apartment in Chelsea! Kate and Sam with children Mia and Joe can be seen on their way to school every morning like any other normal happy family, except we hear that Sam is living in his office on another side of the house and the house is up for sale. We think its great they are staying friends for the sake of their kids though!
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