Kate Moss New Found Talent: She Is An Impressive DJ!

Sunday 6:30 PM, 12/02/2012
By the way, she's charging $380,000 USD per 30 minute set!

By the way, she's charging $380,000 USD per 30 minute set!

Who knew!!

Who knew!!
Who knew that Kate Moss was an amazing DJ?! Kate Moss was so impressive when she showed her new found DJ talents at a Prada party last month that she has been flooded with invitations to do more gigs!

A source reveals: "Kate loved getting on the decks so much in Paris that she wants to do more. She'll keep it to high-end, exclusive gigs though. The model has been talking to people in the business and they've said she can charge huge money for it. She'll only play her favorites, definitely no cheesy requests".

We never would have guessed that she was an awesome DJ, but we'd actually be innerested in hearing her playing some time! (cocoperez)
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