Kate Middleton

9 January 1982, Berkshire, England
32 years

Prince William
Kate Middletons parents are self-made millionaires and she has two siblings. She got to know Prince William at St Andrews University. She works in the fashion industry and has been blamed for using her status as Prince Williams girlfriend to get things. In
April 2011 she finally got married to Prince William

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Kate Middleton Accidentally Reveals Sex Of The Royal Baby: And It's A....

Wednesday 8:26 AM, 06/03/2013
They're not so secret anymore... Ooops!
The English Royal family is normally very good at keeping secrets, but Kate Middleton's ongoing pregnancy has been kind of an exception. Fi...READ MORE ▶
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Can You Spot The Baby Bump? Kate Middleton Shops Mommy Clothes On Topshop!

Saturday 3:11 PM, 02/03/2013
Kate Middleton wants to keep up with trends as her bump grows! The Duchess of Cambridge and her royal bump visited Topshop the other day to buy some mommy clothes! Interestingly, given that every top designer in the world would sacrifice their life to dress her. She looked flawless as as she browsed the maternity section, don't you think?
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Baby Boom! This Year's Pregnant Celebrities!

Wednesday 7:21 PM, 20/02/2013
Kanye West announced the baby news live on stage in Atlanta City in December 2012. Said to be three months along, Kim was apparently hoping to keep it a secret until she was showing, but Kanye couldn't seem to help himself shouting 'Make noise for my baby mama right here!'. We think Kim will be an incredible mom! The Black Eyed Peas songstress and her husband, Josh Duhamel, announced on their Twitter pages that they're expecting their first child together. "Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!!", Fergie revealed. We haven't seen a baby bump yet though...
If it's a boy or girl, is something Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum will find out first when the baby’s born! “We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl,” Channing says. “We’re going to be surprised. It’s one of the only real surprises you’re ever going to get that’s legit.” Kate Middleton has finally, officially debuted her baby bump! Dressed in a MaxMara wrap dress the Duchess looked stunning! She's now half way through her pregnancy. During the christmas holidays, Jessica Simpson confirmed on her Twitter page that she is expecting another baby this year! We haven't seen her baby bump yet, but here's a pic from her last pregnancy.
Yeyy! We wouldn't call it shortage of celebs expecting in 2013! Whether they’ve been through the whole pregnancy procedure before, or are expecting for the first time, here are six stars you'll be able to call proud mamas this year! Click on the pics and read all about them!
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Snooki Gives Parenting Advice To Duchess Kate Middleton!

Tuesday 10:38 PM, 22/01/2013
Wonder if Kate Middleton thought her advice was helpful? Snooki became a mother last year.
Snooki became a mother last year and now she's determined to help other moms with parenting advice. She recently spoke out in an interview ...READ MORE ▶
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Kate Middleton And Prince William: Breaking Tradition!

Sunday 5:01 PM, 23/12/2012
Breaking with tradition this x-mas holiday is no one less than Kate Middleton and Prince William as they'll be spending their holiday with Kate's p...READ MORE ▶
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Kate Middleton's Nurse Found Dead After Radio Prank - Suicide Suspected!

Saturday 9:21 AM, 08/12/2012
Her dead body was driven away in a private ambulance.. Prince William collecting Kate from the hospital!
A nurse at the hospital where Kate Middleton was treated for morning sickness this week was found dead... Suicide is suspected, after that she by a...READ MORE ▶
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