Kate Middleton

Jan 17 2012 7:18 PM

Ricky Gervais' Funniest Bits and Tricks!

Ricky Gervais, the English comedian who hosted the Golden Globe has received both a lot of good and bad reviews for his act...

Jan 16 2012 9:43 AM

Kate Middleton Is Really Thoughtful!

We spotted Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton on Valentine's Day in Liverpool, England...

Jan 4 2012 4:03 PM

Best Dressed Celebrities of 2011!

2011 was the year of the little white dress, clean lines, and silk sheaths...

Dec 22 2011 11:38 AM

Kate and William's Royal Street Style!

Prince William and his Catherine, formerly Kate Middleton, was at a charity event yesterday...

Dec 7 2011 9:10 AM

Kate Middleton Could Be Preggo! A Royal Baby!

Oh baby...

Nov 17 2011 8:40 AM

Royal Baby Watch: Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?!

According to close Royal Palace sources, Kate Middleton, is pregnant...

Nov 13 2011 9:00 AM

Pippa Middleton Is A Single Woman!

Well this is excellent news for Justin Timberlake, who very recently confessed to having a royal crush on her...

Oct 30 2011 7:30 PM

Justin Timberlake Has The Hots For Pippa Middleton!

Judging by his impressive dating resume, we know that Justin Timberlake likes his women famous and gorgeous...

Oct 21 2011 7:17 PM

The Kardashian Couples: True Love or Fake?

We see the Kardashians every where we go...

Sep 29 2011 9:24 PM

New Pics: Kate Middleton and Prince William Are So Loved Up!

Here are some new pics of Kate Middleton and Prince William...