Kate Middleton

9 January 1982, Berkshire, England
32 years

Prince William
Kate Middletons parents are self-made millionaires and she has two siblings. She got to know Prince William at St Andrews University. She works in the fashion industry and has been blamed for using her status as Prince Williams girlfriend to get things. In
April 2011 she finally got married to Prince William

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Britney Hearts William & Kate!

Saturday 10:02 PM, 03/09/2011
And the feeling is mutual! In the October issue of British Glamour, pop princess Britney Spears gets told that Prince William used to have her post...READ MORE ▶
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Kristen Stewart vs Nina Dobrev, Who Has the Better Hair?

Wednesday 6:13 PM, 31/08/2011
Worst Hair Award: Kristen Stewart's styling needs some serious work. Her hair looks like an over gelled mullet, which just isn't flattering! Best Hair Award: Jennifer Aniston is known for her hair and for a good reason, it always looks so great! We love it when her hair is a bit longer and a natural gold color like above! She just glows! Worst Hair Award: Kesha's hair constantly looks like a rat's nest with all of the teasing and braids. We wonder how long it takes for her to brush out the tangles each night? Best Hair Award: Although Emma Stone isn't a natural red head, she rocks the ginger and takes care to not obsessively dye. We love her soft curls and glossy shine! Worst Hair Award: Lindsay Lohan was once known for her fiery red locks but since becoming famous she's altered her image in the worst way possible. Lilo now opts for damaged extensions and platinum blonde hues, which wash her out. Best Hair Award: Kate Middleton has great hair! She always takes the time to style it perfectly but it doesn't look dry or frizzy, which can happen if you overuse your straightener. Try blow drying your hair with a large round brush and then add some smoothing serum to get hair like Kate's! Worst Hair Award: Mischa Barton's hair looks terrible and dry! She's a big fan of raggedy extensions and her natural hair doesn't look much better. Best Hair Award: Before Vanessa Hudgens chopped off her hair, it was amazing! We loved her silky curls and choppy bob! We just have to remember that V cut her hair for a role, we just hope it was worth it! Worst Hair Award: Boardwalk Empire actress, Paz de la Huerta, is a hot mess. The terrible curls, the oily bangs, the heat damaged ends! Her hair looks just so terrible.
There are some celebs who are known for their amazing hair like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton, Nina Dobrev! They all have lux locks that make us absolutely jealous! And then there are other celebs whose raggedy extensions and dry dye jobs make us shudder with fear! We're looking at you Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton! Click on the photos to see who we've crowned with the Best and Worst Hair Awards! Do you agree with our choices?
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Kelly Osbourne says Christina Aguilera is a "Fat B*tch" and Kate Middleton a "Faux Pas"

Friday 8:52 AM, 05/08/2011
We like that you recycle clothes, Kate!
We all know that Kelly Osbourne has a quite a mouth on her, but recently she's been saying some things about other celebs that she should probably ...READ MORE ▶
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Royal Kisses & Polo!

Monday 3:08 PM, 11/07/2011
Well this is something you don't see very often - royals riding horses in California! As you all know, the British royal couple Prince William & Kate Middleton are currently in California spreading British traditions and class, and this weekend they hosted a game of one of the most British sports there is - polo! The event, called "The Foundation Polo Challenge" was held at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club Carpinteria. While William participated in the game, Kate watched proudly from the audience and when they were finally reunited, they even showed some PDA!
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Prince William and Kate Middleton bring class to Hollywood!

Sunday 10:04 AM, 10/07/2011
We love you dress Kate! Wow! Will is handsome!
Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the BAFTA Brits To Watch Gala yesterday, held at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles. They looked stunning and showed all the Hollywood celebrities how to work the red carpet with class! Kate wore a lilac Alexander McQueen gown and Will wore a classic black tux. We love to see the royal couple in new environment among big stars like Jennifer Garner and Tom Hanks! What did you guys think of Will and Kate’s BAFTA arrival?
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Time To Behave LA – British Royalty is arriving!

Saturday 4:09 PM, 09/07/2011
Kate is always so beautiful!
Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally arrived to California and Los Angeles! And they did is with style! Kate looked absolutely gorgeous i...READ MORE ▶
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