Kate Hudson

19 April 1979, Los Angeles, USA
35 years

Chris Robinson, Owen Wilson, Matthew Bellamy
Kate Hudson is an American actress and daughter of Goldie Hawn. Has a son, Ryder, with ex-husband Chris Robinson. Hudson's biggest break was landing the role of rock groupie Penny Lane in the movie Almost Famous. Is a big fan of the Beatles and Bob Dylan. Dated Owen Wilson for a short while. She is now daiting the singer in Muse, Matthew Bellamy and they are having a child together

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Hairstyle Tip: Messy Beach Hair!

Monday 5:19 PM, 25/07/2011
Before Vanessa Hudgens cut her hair off she often rocked messy beach hair when she went out. Kate Hudson look natural in her hairstyle! It's easier for Shakira to get this hairstyle because she has naturally curly hair. Jessica Biel with really messy beach hair on the red carpet! Add a braid, just like Drew Barrymore, and you'll look like you just came out of the water!
You know when you've been to the beach all day and you have plans to go out at night but don't have time to go home and fix your hair? Well, don't worry! Summer is all about that messy hairdo you get from a day in the sun! Celebs like Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore and Vanessa Hudgens love this look! This hairstyle is super easy to fix, even if you haven’t been to the beach! You only need a comb, a curling iron, and some saltwater hairspray!

Follow these three, easy steps to get that messy beach hairstyle:
1. Start by curling large sections of your hair. Messy is the key word for this look, so the curls don't have to be perfect!
2. Use a comb and tease your roots for volume.
3. Add a bit of saltwater hairspray. It gives you the perfect finish that helps your beachy waves stay in place!

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The Funniest Ladies In Hollywood!

Thursday 9:13 PM, 21/07/2011
Cameron Diaz is such a funny  girl, we love Bad Teacher! Tina Fey is hilarious, weather she's doing movies or her show, 30 Rock! We love Katherine Heigl in "Knocked up" and "Killers". So funny! Jennifer Aniston is the uncrowned queen of comedies! Kate Hudson's "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days" is a classic! Sandra Bullock was brilliant in "The Proposal", which is one of our favorite movies! Kristen Bell, the next Jennifer Aniston? Cute Drew Barrymore has done comedy for some time now!
We love romatic comedies! There're so funny and the ladies in them are too! But it's always the same actresses in these types of movies. In fact, doesn't it seems like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson have had the female leading role in most of the comedies for the past 10 years?

But that's why we love them right? Because they're funny, charming and relatable. You don't always need to take on super serious roles just to prove you're a good actress! These women have the ability to makes us smile year after year. But who do you think is the funniest actress in Hollywood right now? Let us know!
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Kate Hudson Names Her Baby What?!

Thursday 10:25 PM, 14/07/2011
5 days after the birth of Kate Hudson's second son, baby daddy Matt Bellamy finally decided it was time to announce the little one's name! He took ...READ MORE ▶
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Kate Hudson Gives Birth to Baby Boy!

Monday 8:45 AM, 11/07/2011
Also giving birth this weekend, was actress Kate Hudson! Kate gave birth a few hours prior to Victoria at the very same Los Angeles based hospital....READ MORE ▶
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Beauty Tip: Go Au Naturel!

Sunday 3:10 PM, 19/06/2011
Molly Sims matches the pale pink dress with clean makeup Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't need much makeup to look pretty! Kate Hudson only puts some shimmer on her cheeks! Cutie Clemence Poesy with natural makeup and pale pink blush. She looks so fresh! It's unusual to see Kelly Rutherford with a lot of makeup. She doesn't need more than this! Just put some gloss on your lips like Leighton Meester!
When we’ve gotten some sun in our faces and our skin looks fresh and bronzed - do as the celebs does and leave the makeup at home! A natural face is so cute and looks great with a simple summer dress!

We know it’s scary to show a clean face in public, but we don't mean go completely natural! Just minimize the amount of makeup that you usually put on and change the hard and dark colors to more earthy tones! Our tip is to put some foundation were you need it the most, use just a little bit of brown mascara and a peach or pink blush that goes with your skin tone and you will look absolutely beautiful! Get inspired by Clemence Poesy, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many other celebs who go au naturel!
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Cameron Diaz & Alex Rodriguez Break Up!

Sunday 8:38 PM, 05/06/2011
Are we the only ones who always thought Cameron and her ex Justin Timberlake were a dream like match?
It seems base ball star Alex Rodriguez has given yet another blonde Hollywood actress the boot! Alex who previously was in a very public relationsh...READ MORE ▶
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