Kate Bosworth

2 January 1983, Los Angeles, USA
32 years

Matt Czuchry, Ian Somerhalder, James Rousseau, Orlando Bloom
Kate Bosworth is an American actress who enjoys playing soccer and Lacrosse. has had roles in films such as Superman Returns, 21, Blue Crush. Kate gave up a spot at Princeton University to pursue her acting career. Kate is fluent in Spanish and she loves cats. She used to date Orlando Bloom. Kate has one brown eye and one blue eye!

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Want To Look Like Rihanna? Here's How!

Tuesday 10:07 PM, 06/09/2011
Diane Kruger always looks great, and she loves Jil Sander! Kate Beckinsale looks dreamy in this dress! Kate really looks fantastic in this outfit! It's really simple and she wears it perfectly with the pink lipstick and strict hair! Drew Barrymore got a lot of attention because of this dress! It's fabulous! Rihanna looks great in this Jil Sander colorful top and trousers!
One of Rihanna's favorite designers is Jil Sander, we love that brand too!
We just love the minimalistic, form-fitting, and well tailored pieces we often see parading down the runway! Some of our favorite fashionistas also love Jil, especially the gorgeous Kate Bosworth! We often spot her and celebs like Drew Barrymore or Diane Kruger in lovely Jil Sander dresses! Click on the pics to see some über fashion!
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Get The Celeb Look! Kate Bosworth

Tuesday 9:18 PM, 06/09/2011
We love Kate Bosworth and her sense of style. She always manages to take the most simple pieces of clothing and make them look utterly fantastic! Kate loves warm, cozy sweaters and we do too! We think this is the perfect look for Fall!

How To Get The Look:
- A warm sweater in a pretty color is the key for this Fall! This pink shade Kate is wearing is so hot and you can get one like her's at H&M
- An every day look should be comfortable and what is more comfortable than a pair of boyfriend jeans? We can’t get enough of them and you can find a pair at Topshop
- A big bag where you can keep all you books for school is a must! You can never go wrong with a dark brown leather bag! This one is from H&M
- And don’t forget to keep you feet warm too! A pair of boots in a beige tone, just like Kate’s, is what you need! We love these ones from Forever21
-Finally, for the fall’s sunny days you need a pair of cool shades! What about these black studded ones from Topshop? Cool right?

Just like that you have a chic and effortless look, á la Kate Bosworth!
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Thursday 7:15 PM, 18/08/2011
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What Happened to Kate Bosworth?

Thursday 2:10 PM, 04/08/2011
Kate and her friend, doesn't he look totally weirded out by her hair?
When we break up with a guy we sometimes go through a transformation, a change. New hair, new makeup, maybe we start working out...out with the old and in with the new! But Kate Bosworth took this a bit too far! The normally pale and ghostlike Kate decided to do something SHOCKING! She dyed the tips of her hair turquoise. And it looks...terrible. We get that's she heartbroken and sad about her breakup with Alexander Skarsgard but turquoise tips? What's more is that it looks like Kate could use a hair brush! It's just a hot, stringy mess.
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Alexander Skarsgard Is Single! And We Call Dibs!

Thursday 8:58 AM, 28/07/2011
Look at him! He's great. Kate's pretty but looks like a robot. Oh Alex!
It's dunzo for Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard! This is the best news we've ever heard! But maybe we're a bit biased since we're totally in l...READ MORE ▶
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Saturday 3:17 PM, 23/07/2011
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