Kate Bosworth

2 January 1983, Los Angeles, USA
31 years

Matt Czuchry, Ian Somerhalder, James Rousseau, Orlando Bloom
Kate Bosworth is an American actress who enjoys playing soccer and Lacrosse. has had roles in films such as Superman Returns, 21, Blue Crush. Kate gave up a spot at Princeton University to pursue her acting career. Kate is fluent in Spanish and she loves cats. She used to date Orlando Bloom. Kate has one brown eye and one blue eye!

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Make Up Tips To Look Like A Model!

Friday 5:16 PM, 14/10/2011
Christina Aguilera isn't that good at blending! Check out Eva Mendes! She has amazing cheeks and an sharp jawline! Ashley Tisdale kept the look soft.  Demi Moore. Carmen Electra defines her nose and chin and cheeks! Gisele Bundchen has really defined cheeks! Kate Bosworth is a fan of the countouring too! Megan Fox uses these tricks for her nose and her cheeks! Reese Witherspoon's cheeks are nicely defined!
Do you sometimes wish for a smaller nose, a model-like jawline, or a more slender face? Well we have some amazing tricks and tips that don't involved plastic surgery and scary chemicals! All you need is some dark powder (like a bronzer), foundation, your favorite make up brush, and a white, shimmery eyeshadow!

Smaller nose:
Blend the light colored eyeshadow onto the bridge of your nose and then blend a bit of bronzer on the sides of your nose, this will trick your eyes into thinking that your nose is smaller.

Slimmer face and High Cheekbones:
Place a line of bronzer right under your cheekbones, extend all the way to your eyes, continue along your hair line but stop right after your eyes. Now, blend, blend, blend. You don't want to see any sharp contrast between the bronzer and skin. Then, take your light colored eyeshadow and put it right on your cheekbones, curve it up so that it hits right underneath your eyebrows. Blend! And voila, you now have a slimmer face!

More defined jawline:
Put a bit of bronzer on your brush and blend it in a straight line along your jawline, right underneath your jawbone. Continue the line from your ears to your throat and then bring the line so that it goes right down your throat, you should have two lines on either side of your throat. Blend! And now you have the jawline of a model!
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Hot Hair Trend: Would You Dare to Dip Dye?

Wednesday 12:13 PM, 12/10/2011
Nicki Minaj went with pink and blonde! Lady Gaga has a lavender and pale blue hair! Nicki once again with peacock feather inspired tips! We love fashion It Girl Mary Charteris and we love her pink dyed tips! Drew Barrymore went for a strong contrast!
One of the biggest hair trends this year is dip dyeing your tips. We've spotted this trend on celebs like Kate Bosworth, with pale blue tips and Drew Barrymore who opted for black!

Some of our favorite color combos are blonde and pink, brown and blonde, or red on red, which works if you have a more auburn red hair, but if you have bright red hair try blonde tips! You can always go extreme with purple, green, or blue tips! Would you dare to try this trend?


Would You Dye Your Tips?

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Can You Separate The Faux From The Furs?

Friday 6:15 PM, 07/10/2011
Janice Dickinson is wearing a purple fur jacket, fake or not? Gwyneth Paltrow has been attacked by angry animal rights campaigners for her furs! Adele Adkins in a furry poncho! Do you think Kate Moss is wearing fake fur? Kylie Minogue in a green fur coat. Rachel Zoe is not a fan of faux fur! Kelly Rowland would never wear real fur! AnnaLynne McCord wears fake fur! Kate Bosworth with a Marc Jacobs Mink fur handbag.
One of the hottest pieces you can have in your wardrobe this Fall is a fur jacket, and so many of the hottest celebs are rocking this trend! But it has started quite a debate! Fur vs. Faux!

Anna Wintour would never wear fake fur and has had so many coats and jackets ruined by angry animal activists! Same for stylist, Rachel Zoe! But on the other hand, singer, Kelly Rowland, would never wear real fur! She's been spotted wearing a lot of fake fur vests during her promotional tour and it looks totally real! We're not really pro-fur, but we wouldn't mind snuggling up in a chic mink coat- as long as it wasn't a victim of animal cruelty!


Would You Wear Fur?

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X-Men's James Marsden Is Soon Single

Monday 8:49 AM, 03/10/2011
So cute! Awwwww!
James Marsden, the sexy Cyclops in "X-Men" will soon be single. His wife of 11 years, Lisa Linde, has filed for divorce. Lisa has said it's because...READ MORE ▶
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This Week's Top 10 Celebrity Street Style Looks!

Thursday 5:15 PM, 29/09/2011
09. Despite being all black, this look has too much going on! The ruffles at the bottom and the one shouldered ruffle, it's just to many ruffles! Bad Elle Macpherson! 08. This isn't the worst look but we think it would've looked better if Pippa had worn some black skinny jeans with her leopard blouse! 07. Cute dress Daisy Lowe, but those boots cut off your legs! 06. We think Kate Bosworth always looks gorgeous, she has casual chic nailed! 05. Kate Walsh knows that green is her color! 04. We love how awesome it is when you pair a simple white tank with off-black jeans! Good job Whitney Port! 03. Lindsay Lohan is making a comeback!! We like her matching shorts and blazer combo, especially paired with a vintage tee and Fall's hottest shoe: loafers! 02. This hot pink jacket is amazing! We love the cut and shape! Sarah Jessica Parker always knows what to wear! 01. Kate Moss looks super chic in her black vest, blazer, and pants!
Spotted: some of our fave celebs running around the streets looking fab! Click on the pics see who had the best looks of the week!
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Kate Bosworth Shopping Chic!

Wednesday 8:14 PM, 28/09/2011
We love this dress on Kate Bosworth! Don't you? It's so great for running casual errands or even a nice lunch! Great job, Kate!
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