Kanye's New GF Looking for Attention?

Tuesday 8:15 PM, 03/03/2009
Kanye's New GF Looking for Attention?

Slutty or Funky?

Slutty or Funky?
Loving the car

Loving the car

Loving the attention!

Loving the attention!

Kanye West and his new girlfriend, model Amber Rose were out in Hollywood doing some shopping yesterday and we are really wondering if she is a good choice for Kanye. Not only does Amber have this reportedly history of preferring woman, but to us it looks like she is just using Kanye for his fame! Amber was dressed to be noticed and was all smiles at photographers. I mean she looks funky and everything, but we can't help feel Kanye could do better!
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omg(non member) 1
03/03/2009 8:23 PM
omg shes just dressed for the papparazzi to grab
her b r e a s t s

rezy(non member) 2
15/03/2009 11:03 PM
is it your business?
i mean obviously he sees
something in her
& you haven't had a conversation
with her
so maybe you should chill with the

uuugghh(non member) 3
14/05/2009 2:32 AM
omg shes so ugly and is a manwhore

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