Kanye West Breaks Down on Jay Leno!

Wednesday 10:43 PM, 16/09/2009
Kanye West Breaks Down on Jay Leno!

Kanye feels bad

Jay asking the tough questions

Jay asking the tough questions

Kanye West appeared on the Jay Leno show and had to face some tough questions about his behaviour at the MTV Music Video Awards when he ruined Taylor Swift's big moment as the first country music star ever to win a VMA award! Kanye said he realised he was wrong as soon as he handed the microphone back to Taylor and she was so upset that she didn't finish talking. Kanye apologised again to Taylor on the show and said he is doing some real soul searching to see how he can be better towards people in the future. We hope that is true Kanye! Watch Kanye get emotional with Jay here:

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03/10/2009 1:43 AM
who ever wrote this didn't edit it well.
'behavior','realized',and 'apologized' is spelled
wrong. just sayin'.

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