Kanye West

8 June 1977, Atlanta, USA
37 years

Sky Nellor, Alexis Eggleston, Brooke Crittenton
Kanye West is a succesful American rapper and producer. Born in Atlanta, but raised in Chicago. Kanye worked with stars as Jay-Z and Alicia Keys before his own career took off. He is a sex addict.
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Kim K: "I Had No Idea Kanye And I Were Getting Vogue Cover Spot!"

Thursday 1:03 PM, 27/03/2014
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue cover has been one of the big topics this week, with mixed reception from people. Now Kim herself reve...READ MORE ▶
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Kanye West Thinks He's Found The Next Rihanna!

Tuesday 2:42 PM, 25/03/2014
Kanye West believes he's found the next Rihanna. The rapper is currently working in the studio with fresh and hip singer Pia Mia Perez, and ...READ MORE ▶
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Cover Battle: Seth Rogen & James Franco Vs. Kimye!

Monday 8:51 PM, 24/03/2014
It seems like Seth Rogen and James Franco can't get enough of spoofing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The duo previously made fun of Kimye's 'Bound 2' music video, and now they've recreated the couple's Vogue cover. Rogen tweeted the photoshopped image of their faces onto the bodies of Kardashian and West.

The question remains: Which duo did the Cover better? Vote here below!


Which duo do you prefer on the cover of Vogue?

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Stars Diss Vogue After Kimye's Wedding Cover!

Monday 8:32 AM, 24/03/2014
Kim Kardashian finally got her 'Vogue' cover this April alongside her fiancé Kanye West. But everyone aren't as happy as they are about the ...READ MORE ▶
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Kanye West's Wedding Gift To Kim Kardashian: 10 Fast Food Eateries!

Sunday 8:01 AM, 23/03/2014
What do you buy a girl who already has everything? Kanye West has figured it out, and he is reportedly buying 10 Burger King Restaurants for...READ MORE ▶
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