Kanye West

8 June 1977, Atlanta, USA
37 years

Sky Nellor, Alexis Eggleston, Brooke Crittenton
Kanye West is a succesful American rapper and producer. Born in Atlanta, but raised in Chicago. Kanye worked with stars as Jay-Z and Alicia Keys before his own career took off. He is a sex addict.
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Anna Wintour, 65, is one of the world's most powerful people in the fashion industry and when she talks people listen.

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About six years ago Kanye West, 37, ran up on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift, 25, when she was about to give her acceptance speech after...READ MORE ▶
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Kanye West Leaving The Bowery Hotel in New York!

Wednesday 8:08 AM, 18/02/2015
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