Justin Bobby

1 January 1980, Los Angeles, USA
35 years

Audrina Patridge
Justin Bobby (real name Justin Brescia) is known from the reality-show The Hills where he dated Audrina Patridge on and off for a long time.
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What happened to Audrina's love life after The Hills?

Monday 4:31 PM, 12/12/2011
Audrina Patridge and her ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby always fought on The Hills.
We know love on reality shows almost never lasts in real life. One of our biggest reality shows, The Hills, is no exception. Audrina Patridge, who ...READ MORE ▶
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Halloween Special: Did These Celebs See a Ghost?

Saturday 3:18 PM, 29/10/2011
"Oh gosh, what is that?!" Sophia Bush spots something on the floor... Janet Jackson What's in front of you, Justin? Did Pamela Anderson spot a ghost? Or did she break a nail? Kelly Ripa Hilary Duff "Ahhhhhh," Katy Perry! Will Smith. Melanie Chisholm, aka Mel C Angelina Jolie Kimberley Walsh BOO! Adele! Emily Blunt "Don´t you dare trying to scare me like that!" Vanessa Williams gets angry! Emma Thompson Audrina Patridge! Lady Gaga Trick or treat, Anna Faris!
It's almost Halloween and it looks like our favorite celebs are already super scared! Click on the pics to see celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Katy Perry who are spooked! Boo!
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Audrina and Kristin Make Peace!

Sunday 11:59 AM, 11/04/2010
Kristen Cavalleri and Audrina Patridge Kristen Cavalleri
What's this? Those of you that follow The Hills know that Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge aren't the best of friends since Kristin hit on Justin Bobby but it seems as though the girls have finally made friends! We spotted them having lunch at Toast in Beverly Hills yesterday and it looked as though they were having a good time together!
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Excuse me?

Audrina Laughing at Kristin Cavallari!

Wednesday 11:40 AM, 11/11/2009
Audrina and Tal Cooperman while they briefly dated Kristin jumps on Justin Bobby's bike, or is she jumping on him?
The Hills stars Kristin Cavallari and Audrina are still involved in a cat fight! Kristin seems to have a bad habit of going after Audrina's ex flings! First it was Justin Bobby and now its Tal Cooperman! Audrina's comments on Kristin's escapades with her left overs? "Its laughable" she says! There must be a serious lack of hot men in Los Angeles if Kristin only has Audrina's exes to go for, or is she trying to replace Audrina's role on The Hills too! We think its a bit weird either way! (Source: USWeekly)
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What's wrong?

Boy Trouble for Kristin Cavallari?!

Sunday 2:11 PM, 08/11/2009
Boy Trouble for Kristin Cavallari?!
Kristin Cavallari definitely looked a little down as she arrived at the Brazilian restaurant Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine in Los Angeles yesterday and we're guessing it's probably because of boy troubles! Those of you who watch The Hills know that Kristin's been having a hard time with Justin Bobby and since he was the same with Audrina Patridge we suggest Kristin moves on!
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Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt Cling to Each Other!

Saturday 8:14 PM, 15/08/2009
The Hills girls Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt have started to hang out more and more since their friend Lauren Conrad quit the show and Steph should probably spend as much time with her co-star as possible before Audrina leaves too! Audrina is about to get her own show and we're expecting a lot of concerts and Justin Bobby in it! Will you watch it?!


Will you watch Audrina's spin-off?!

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