Justin Bieber

1 March 1994, Stratford, Canada
20 years

Caitilin Beadles, Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who began his professional career on YouTube. His first single was released in July 2009. The single One Time was a huge success for Justin Bieber and the song was ranked number 12 in Canadian Hot 100. He has made a documentary movie about himself, "Never say never"
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Selena Gomez Cheated On Justin Bieber?!

Sunday 8:07 AM, 24/02/2013
Did Selena cheat on Justin.... ...with Gucci Mane?
Beneath Hollywood's most pure facade, there is always some dirt! According to new rumors, Selena Gomez messed around waaay before she broke up with...READ MORE ▶
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Justin Bieber Brought Mystery Brunette Date To Concert Last Night!

Thursday 1:56 PM, 21/02/2013
Who was his secret date to the concert?!
Rumor had it that Justin Bieber was to meet up his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez at a concert yesterday, where Justin Timberlake had a gig. Bu...READ MORE ▶
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This Week's Celeb Twitter & Instagram Pictures!

Saturday 5:15 PM, 16/02/2013
Naomi Campbell  with Justin Bieber! Wow, can you see which celebrity this is? No less than... Michelle Williams! Paris Jackson posted this picture on Twitter with the caption 'yay for tea'! So cute! Wazzup, Victoria Beckham? Jessica Alba is posing with Mario Lopez!
Hello weekend and hello social media lovers (including ourselves)! It's time to get a customary overview of what the celebs have been up to the past few days through Twitter and Instagram. Click on the pics to check out!
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Justin Bieber Spent $10,000 Takeaway Junk Food!

Friday 3:15 PM, 15/02/2013
His fans waiting for him outside... ... got pizza from their biggest idol!
Justin Bieber is a superstar - but he's also a teenager with the ability to do pretty much whatever he wants. This week when he was the hos...READ MORE ▶
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Here Are All The Nominees For This Year's Kids Choice Awards!

Thursday 5:53 PM, 14/02/2013
One Direction is nominated for Best Music Group. Spider-Man Andrew Garfield is one of the nominees. Selena Gomez is nominated for Best Tv Actress. Kristen Stewart at last year's Kids Choice Awards. Katy Perry is nominated for female singer!
Have mentioned how much we love all these wonderful Hollywood red carpet events? Well, we most certainly do, and we're super excited for this year'...READ MORE ▶
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Justin Bieber Officially Confessed Smoking Weed In 'Miley Cyrus Show'!

Tuesday 1:56 PM, 12/02/2013
He says he's sorry about smoking weed.
Pictures of Justin Bieber holding something that looked like a marijuana cigarette was published all over the internet earlier this year. A...READ MORE ▶
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