Justin Bieber

Jan 25 8:22 AM

The Reason Why Taylor Swift Is Fed Up With Selena Gomez - Again!

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been though several feuds throughout the years, mainly because of Selena's destructive on/off-relationship with Justin Bieber...

Jan 21 8:32 AM

Justin Bieber to be Ridiculed on Stage in Front of an Audience!

It's finally official - Justin Bieber, 20, will get his very own show of "The Roast", which will air on Comedy Central...

Jan 17 6:29 PM

Is Selena Gomez Dating Producer Zedd?

Has Selena Gomez finally moved on from Justin Bieber...

Jan 17 10:41 AM

Justin Bieber Asked Married Model To Date Him!

There's nothing wrong with Justin Bieber's self-confidence, that's for sure...

Jan 16 8:33 AM

Justin Bieber Dismisses the Talk About Photoshop!

As we all know by now, Justin Bieber is the new model for Calvin Klein...

Jan 15 2:56 PM

Justin Bieber got into an argument with the rock icon!

Justin Bieber, 20, went to the private island of Parrot Cay during the New Years weekend but he wasn't the only celebrity on the island - rock icon Keith Richards, 71 (famous from the Rolling Stones), was also there...

Jan 9 10:04 AM

Model Gets Threatened to Life After Photos With Justin Bieber!

Lara Stone, 31, is one of the most sought after super models in the world and is seen in the new ad for Calvin Klein, alongside pop star Justin Bieber...

Jan 7 10:05 AM

Picture Special: Justin Bieber Takes Off His Clothes For Calvin Klein!

Becoming an underwear model for Calvin Klein is often seen as one of the top jobs in the modeling industry and Justin Bieber, 20, can now remove that from his bucket list...

Jan 5 11:33 AM

Prince Jackson and Justin Bieber - New BFF's?

Next year Michael Jackson's son Prince Jackson will turn 18 years old but he's already living it up and according to rumors he's recording music with his buddy Justin Bieber...