Justin Bieber

1 March 1994, Stratford, Canada
20 years

Caitilin Beadles, Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who began his professional career on YouTube. His first single was released in July 2009. The single One Time was a huge success for Justin Bieber and the song was ranked number 12 in Canadian Hot 100. He has made a documentary movie about himself, "Never say never"
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Justin Bieber Is Investigated For Battery Against Neighbor!

Wednesday 7:37 AM, 27/03/2013
We know many people that would die to have Justin Bieber as a neighbor, but his real ones aren't that happy with their arrangement. Now two...READ MORE ▶
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Paparazzis Vs. Celebrities - Stars Attacking Photographers!

Thursday 11:07 PM, 21/03/2013
David Beckham pushed a photographer away to make way for him and his son Cruz.
We guess Gerard Butler is very nice to people, but when he's told the paparazzis to leave like seven times, he shows off his bad side.
Lily Allen had a snowball fight with the paparazzis once. Both because it was fun and because she wanted them to leave her alone.
Justin Bieber always causes hysteria when he shows up somewhere, but when he arrived to Heathrow Airport in London, he became furious over the paparazzis that did anything to take his pictures.
We have no idea what it's like to have paparazzis stalking you all day, every day, but we guess it could be pretty annoying those days when you'd rather just shut the whole world out. We've seen five celebrities that had it, and simply attacked the photographers! Click on the pics and check out celebrities vs. paparazzis!

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Video! Selena Gomez Reveals She Made Justin Bieber Cry!

Wednesday 3:43 PM, 20/03/2013
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up earlier this year, but it's really not until now that they've both started talking about the split....READ MORE ▶
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Selena Gomez Has Decided She Wants To Date An Older Man!

Tuesday 4:45 PM, 19/03/2013
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up in January after being together for two years. Selena has confirmed several times that she's single,...READ MORE ▶
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Justin Bieber's Fans Got Him Kicked Out Of Luxury Hotel!

Tuesday 11:24 AM, 19/03/2013
Justin Bieber has been in a lot of trouble lately, and it looks like it's just getting worse - but this time it's his fans' fault. On Sunda...READ MORE ▶
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Will.am Releases A New Song Featuring Justin Bieber! LISTEN HERE!

Saturday 11:01 AM, 16/03/2013
What a collab! Will.am celebrated his 38th birthday with a brand new single featuring no less than the Biebs himself! The rapper hooked up with Ju...READ MORE ▶
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