Justin Bieber

1 March 1994, Stratford, Canada
20 years

Caitilin Beadles, Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who began his professional career on YouTube. His first single was released in July 2009. The single One Time was a huge success for Justin Bieber and the song was ranked number 12 in Canadian Hot 100. He has made a documentary movie about himself, "Never say never"
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Check Out The Stars Doing The 'Ice Bucket Challenge'!

Monday 9:06 PM, 18/08/2014
Check Out The Stars Doing The 'Ice Bucket Challenge'!
Justin Timberlake Jennifer Lopez Adam Levine 5 Seconds of Summer Taylor Swift Selena Gomez
The Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes also called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is a trend that is currently big in Hollywood and all over the world, where people dump a bucket of ice water over their heads. The challenge was created to make people donate money to an ALS charity.

Many stars have accepted the challenge, including Selena Gomez, 5 Seconds of Summer, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Click on the pics and check out all their videos!
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And They're Back Together... Again!

Monday 9:54 AM, 18/08/2014
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back. Again. The couple reportedly declared their love for one another this weekend. Again.

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Justin Bieber Officially Pleads Guilty For DUI!

Friday 9:01 AM, 15/08/2014
Justin Bieber officially pleads guilty for DUI after he got arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, seven months ago.

As part of the plea de...READ MORE ▶
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The youngest of the Kardashian sisters, Kylie Jenner, turned 17 on Sunday. The reality star celebrated her birthday with celebrity friends i...READ MORE ▶
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Bieber Refuses To Party With Girls Who Aren't "Pretty Enough"!

Friday 7:42 AM, 08/08/2014
Justin Bieber is apparently very picky about which girls he parties with. The 20-year-old singer, who is still vacationing in Ibiza, is repo...READ MORE ▶
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Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's Duet Delayed!

Thursday 10:42 AM, 07/08/2014
Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande's single has been delayed. The two stars revealed in May that they're working on a song together, but unfort...READ MORE ▶
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