Jude Law

29 December 1972, London, England
42 years

Sadie Frost, Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Sophie Monk, Natalie Portman, Thandie Newton, Kate Moss, Kimberly Stewart
Jude Law is a British actor who is considered one of the sexiest men in the world. Has three children with ex-wife Sadie Frost. Used to date Sienna Miller but their relationship ended when Sienna learned of Jude's infedility.

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Jude Law's Shaggy Beard

Monday 1:12 PM, 25/07/2011
Jude Law looking very shaggy with his beard!
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Street Style! Top Ten Celeb Looks Right Off the Street!

Thursday 8:05 PM, 21/07/2011
9. Halle Berry could do better than the cutoffs and baseball hat... 8. We know it's Jude Law but he looks like small town gangster in his pinstripe suit. 7. Demi Lovato has such a unique style but we're not big fans of the clogs with the leather shorts. Blegh. 6. Paris Hilton actually looks really pretty in this white dress but her purse is a bit dated. Still, not a bad look Paris! 5. Christine Brinkley just finished her performance in "Chicago" and stepped out to greet fans. We love the hat, the jacket, and the simple white shirt! Maybe not the pants, but over all it's ok! 4. We like a man in boots and army green! Adam Lambert looks hot! 3. We love Ashley Green's casual jeans and shirt! The pale pink with the dark red is just great! Kate Beckinsale is out shopping with her daughter. We really like her leggings with motorcycle boots combo! 1. Zooey Deschanel is the queen of cool. We love the mix of electric blue skinnies with a pink shirt and motorcycle jacket!
Sometimes we really struggle with what to wear when running the easiest of errands. We don't want to throw on boring sweat pants but there's also no need to wear cute heels...it's a tricky balance to get that perfectly chic street uniform but celebs like Kate Beckinsale and Ashley Greene have it down! Check out this week's Top Ten Celebrity Street Styles!
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Is Age Just A Number?

Thursday 2:11 AM, 21/07/2011
Johnny Depp is 11 years older than his French girlfriend Vanessa Paradis! It took a while for Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder to admit that they were a couple, maybe because Ian is 11 years older than Nina? Michael Douglas is a full 25 years older than Catherine Zeta-Jones! New couple Dominic Purcell and AnnaLynne McCord have an age difference of 18 years between them! Harrison Ford is 22 years older than his Ally McBeal-wife, Calista Flockhart! One of our favorite couple, Heidi Klum and Seal also have a bit of a age difference between them. Seal is 10 years older! Brad Pitt is 13 years older than Angelina Jolie The super hot ex-couple Jude Law and Sienna Miller had 9 years between them! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's boyfriend, Jason Statham, is 20-years older than her!
Some girls like their man to be funny or smart or athletic and other just like them... old! At least that seems to be the trend amongst many of our favorite celebs! A lot of female celebs are with guys who are waaaay older than them, and you know what? It's worked out just fine! Maybe it's because it takes a longer time for boys to mature than girls and girls are tired of waiting? Or they find it charming with the grey hair?

Whatever the reason is, couples like Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev or Seal and Heidi Klum are adorable together, despite their age difference! But what do you guys think, is age important or is it just a number?
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Jude Law chubbs up!

Monday 8:13 PM, 18/07/2011
Outside his townhouse, in which he seems to spend more time these days, than at the gym. The paparazzo's are eager to get pictures of Jude's new appearance.
Has the ever so hunkalicious Jude Law gone from hunk to skunk?
The former womanizer was just spotted walking from his townhouse in central London a few days ago, looking rather untidy and chubby!
Is he storing up for winter, or is beauty actually fading?
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Jude Law, Sexy With a Beard!

Sunday 1:18 PM, 17/07/2011
Jude Law looks super sexy with a beard! Can we all agree on that? YES!
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Top 10 Cheaters: Celebrity Edition!

Friday 6:03 PM, 10/06/2011
9. Eric Benet cheated on the most beautiful woman ever, Halle Berry. Eric claimed he had a "sex addiction." We call it "being unfaithful." 8. Tiger Woods cheated on Elin Nordegren. Shame, shame! 7. Meg Ryan cheated on Dennis Quaid with Russell Crowe. Woah! 6. Jude Law was unfaithful to Sienna Miller with the nanny. 5. Uh oh! Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with a prostitute! 4. Crazy Charlie Sheen was unfaithful to wife Brooke Mueller by sleeping with a paid escort...in the bed he shared with Brooke! 3. Ethan Hawke cheated on gorgeous Uma Thurman with the nanny! 2. Who would ever cheat on Reese Witherspoon? Well, Ryan Phillippe did with Abbie Cornish. 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on wife, Maria Shriver, with their housekeeper AND had a child with her!
Naughty naughty! Even the most in love couples (or seemingly most in love) have their problems. Like when one cheats on the other. And that is a READ MORE ▶
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