How cute is Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Thursday 10:56 PM, 19/08/2010
Too cute!

Too cute!

Who remembers him from "3rd Rock from the Sun" ?

Who remembers him from "3rd Rock from the Sun" ?
Have you seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his latest movie Inception, he is brilliant and all grown up too! We have a such a crush on him right now after seeing it and then we found out he can sing too! Check out this adorable clip of him singing "natural woman" - see he has a sense of humor too - love him!

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AndreaSpain(non member) 1
20/08/2010 3:55 PM
I love Joseph!!

merelhillebrand(non member) 2
30/07/2011 4:24 PM
i love joseph so much !
i hate that your brother
dies. We think of you ! <3

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