Jon Hamm

10 March 1971, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
44 years

Jonathan Daniel Hamm
Jennifer Westfeldt
Jon Hamm is an American actor how mostly does tv-productions. He is most known for his part in the tv-series Mad Men. Jon Hamm is very close friends with Paul Rudd.
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Jon Hamm: Out Again After 30 Days of Rehab!

Wednesday 5:12 PM, 25/03/2015
A month ago, John Hamm, 44, checked into a rehab center in New Canaan, Connecticut, as he for long has been struggling with an alcohol addic...READ MORE ▶
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11 Celebrities and Their Jobs Before Becoming Famous!

Wednesday 5:05 PM, 29/10/2014
2. Brad Pitt had some pretty terrible jobs before making a name for himself in Hollywood. At one point he worked as a furniture mover and when he didn't do that he dressed up as a chicken for restaurant chain El Pollo Loco. 3. Amy Adams is one of the big names in Hollywood but this hasn't always been the case. Once upon a time she worked as a waitress at Hooters - something she isn't very proud of today. 4. Before becoming famous as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman had to dress up as a clown and entertain kids at their birthday parties. 5. Playing the role of an stripper in Magic Mike must have come easy for Channing Tatum as that was his old job! 6. Johnny Depp used to sell ballpoint pens over the phone. He has admitted to being terrible at it. 7. Before Rachel McAdams got movie roles against stars such as Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers, she worked at McDonalds for three years. 8. Once upon a time Jennifer Aniston tried her luck with telemarketing. She lasted two weeks. 9. Jon Hamm used to on the other side of the camera as a set-dresser for porn films. He has been careful to stress that they were soft-core movies. 10. If you're looking for a handy man - call Matt LeBlanc! He used to work as a carpenter. 11. Like many other successful actors, and actresses, Eva Mendes used to work in the food industry. She sold hot dogs in a shopping mall.
Even big stars have to start somewhere. We have listed the somewhat more odd jobs that the celebrities we are used to reading about once upon a tim...READ MORE ▶
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Full List: All The 2014 Emmy Awards Nominees!

Friday 8:14 AM, 11/07/2014
The 2014 Emmy Awards nominees were unveiled yesterday. The winners will be announced at the 66th annual Emmy Awards ceremony on August 25, h...READ MORE ▶
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Celebreties Coming Together For The Ending Of Gun Violence!

Saturday 9:14 AM, 22/12/2012
Jon Hamm! Jennifer Garner Jessica Alba! Reese Witherspoon Will Ferrell
Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce are just a few of all the celebreties taking action in the wake of the horrific and tragic school ...READ MORE ▶
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Hot Or Not?! Good Beard Or Weird Beard?

Thursday 9:12 PM, 03/05/2012
HOT! Johnny Depp is so hot! HOT! Alexander Skarsgard featuring some very sexy stubble. NOT! Jon Hamm looks like someone from the 19th century. NOT! Brad Pitt once went for long beard. It didn't go well. NOT! It looks like Shia LaBeouf doesn't care much about his looks anymore. HOT! Handsome Liam Hemsworth! NOT! Wilmer Valderrama has that hot look that we absolutely love! HOT! Jude Law, close to perfection! NOT! Robert Pattinson's spotty beard is kinda awful.
We love a guy with a beard, but for some reason some of our favorite A-Listers are really slacking in the facial hair department. We've spotted ten men like Liam Hemsworth and Brad Pitt with beards. Some of them are hot and som of them are so not. Click on the pics and check them out!
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Sexy Celeb of the Week: Jon Hamm!

Friday 5:05 PM, 24/06/2011
Super handsome! We love him in white! He looks great in a suit! Jon looks so sexy in glasses! Yes please! We could stare in those eyes all day long! Check out that smile! We even like him with a beard! And for your viewing pleasure, Jon Hamm- shirtless!!!!!!!
This week's Sexy Celeb, Jon Hamm, is best known for his role as Don Draper on the TV Show "Mad Men." We really fell in love with Don and wished ourselves back in the the 1960s so we could hang out with him and dress like Betty! But Jon is also a hilarious comedian! Jon has guest starred on 30 Rock and SNL and you can see him more recently in the hit comedy, Bridesmaids!

We think Jon is so sexy, and the funny thing is that Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner almost didn't cast him because of his looks. Matthew thought Jon was too handsome (haha, so true) and later decided, "it was perfect to cast sort of the perfect male in this part." And we totally agree!
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