Johnny Depp's Special Surprise Birthday Gift

Friday 9:21 PM, 12/06/2009
Johnny Depp's Special Surprise Birthday Gift

wow what a car!

wow what a car!
he is so sweet!

he is so sweet!
Actor Johnny Depp just celebrated his 46th birthday on the set of his new movie The Rum Diary on Tuesday. The movie is being shot on location in San Juan Puerto Rico and the cast, crew and even some fans were invited onto set for a special surprise celebration for Johnny. Johnny was very spoilt with presents from everyone! He was given a guitar and the convertable red Corvette car used in the movie! Of course he is such a lovely guy, he thanked everyone for coming. Of course they came Johnny, we would have died to be there too!

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happy birthday(non member) 1
30/07/2009 2:16 AM
i would love to meet johnny depp i would give him
everything hes soo awesome such a great actor i
adore him to bits and hes really hott. Alice and
wonderland is going to be a hit johnny depp,helena
bonham carter,tim burton are my fav people i also
loved s

JOHNNY DEPP(non member) 2
06/11/2010 9:14 PM
What a shame to see someone like Johnny Depp with
a tatoo covered Agelina whatever her name is!

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