Johnny Depp

9 June 1963, Kentucky, USA
50 years

Bobbie Brown, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder, Ellen Barkin, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis
Johnny Depp is an American actor and one of the sexiest men in the world. He was discovered by Nicolas Cage and his first part was on the tv-show 21 Jump Street. Johnny is married to French singer Vanessa Paradis and he has two children, Lily-Rose Melody Depp and Jack John Christopher Depp III.

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Johnny Depp Sources Reveal: "It Was All Vanessa's Fault!"

Thursday 8:10 AM, 28/06/2012
She didn't like what he did for them. Was she mean to Johnny...?
Just weeks ago Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis went official with their break-up, and now sources reveal what went wrong, and they claim everything...READ MORE ▶
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It's Officially Over: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Split

Wednesday 8:32 AM, 20/06/2012
She looks so sad!
We are sad to announce that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have officially split up. After many rumors and months apart, Johnny's publicist releas...READ MORE ▶
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Are Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Hooking Up?!

Friday 8:36 AM, 15/06/2012
Hope Johnny didn't ditch Vanessa for his young love Amber. Are they secretly hooking up?
Is Johnny Depp still with Vanessa Paradis or is he in fact secretly dating Amber Heard? Well, get this. Johnny and Vanessa split recently after 14 ...READ MORE ▶
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Is Johnny Depp Changing His Career To Rockstar?

Monday 8:40 AM, 04/06/2012
Johnny Depp recently won the Generations Award at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards and for his acceptance speech he rocked out with the band The Black Keys! It was epic! Johnny and The Black Keys preformed the song "Gold on the Ceiling" and Johnny did so amazingly great.

Recently Johnny recorded a cover of "You're So Vain" with Marilyn Manson and it seems like he has been slowly making his way towards the music side of Hollywood. While we love Johnny as an actor, we would love to see him release a CD or jamming out on stage! Check out the vid of him performing with The Black Keys! (screencrush)

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Thursday 12:14 PM, 31/05/2012
Wiz Kalifa's upper-body is covered with tattoos, not even his neck is ink-free. Adam Levine from Maroon 5 looks SO hot with his arms inked! David takes strips and shows us his amazing tattooed body. The Rock has a really HOT body and those tats look hot on him! Not only his body is covered with tattoos but Lil Wayne has tattoos on his face too. Johnny Depp likes to follow the trend with tattooed arms. Eminem is both HOT and CUTE! He has a tattoo of his daughter on his right arm. It's so adorable. Of course Robbie Williams has tattoos! He is so crazy and what's more crazy than to get that bad boy image with an inked body? Tom Hardy has been very popular lately and he really knows that it's important to have a well trained body to get there. Add some tattoos on that bod and you get every girl's bad boy dream!
Look over here if you are into HOT men and TATTOOS! Nowadays nobody in Hollywood goes around without at least one tattoo on their body. Some of them even have ink on their faces! We have listed 10 gorgeous celebrities with HOT inked bodies. Click on the pics to see more!
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Johnny Depp Has Opened Up About His Miserable Life Before He Became A Father: "Felt nothing but emptiness"

Sunday 12:02 PM, 13/05/2012
Johnny felt empty before he had children.
Johnny Depp may be one of the most successful actors in the world, and has recieved Oscars and a boatload of awardz, but it doesn't mean a thing in...READ MORE ▶
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