Johnny Borrell

4 April 1980, London, England
35 years

Kirsten Dunst
Johnny Borrell is the lead singer of the band Razorlight. Johnny is known for his confident, bordering on arrogant, attitude. He loves Chelsea Football Club.

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Love is in the air

Kirsten Dunst Has a New Boyfriend!

Saturday 3:17 PM, 16/01/2010
 Kirsten Dunst Has a New Boyfriend!
Who is he Kirsten? Aw she is all shy!
Spiderman actress Kirsten Dunst was at an art gallery opening in Los Angeles last night looking all smiley and cute and it was very clear what was making her so happy! She was there with a date and its very clear the two are a couple! We haven't seen Kristen getting serious with anyone since her major breakup with Johnny Borrell a few years ago, so its extra sweet to see her so excited!
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