John Travolta

18 February 1954, Englewood, New Jersey, USA
61 years

Kelly Preston
John Travolta is an American actor who has been in many blockbuster movies: Face Off, Look Who's Talking and Pulp Fiction. John has two children with Kelly Preston. He danced with Princess Diana when he was i White House.
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John Travolta's Secret Cross-Dressing Life!

Thursday 4:31 PM, 24/05/2012
It seems like he's into guys... 'Hairspray' wasn't the first time he dressed up as a woman.
John Travolta has really been going through some tough times lately. John has been accused for sexually assaulting male masseurs and now pictures a...READ MORE ▶
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John Travolta Slapped With 2nd Touchy-Feely Lawsuit!

Wednesday 8:46 AM, 09/05/2012
What does his wife, Kelly Preston, think about this?
John Travolta hasn't had it very easy the past few days. He was recently accused of sexually harassing a male masseur and now another masseur is cl...READ MORE ▶
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John Travolta Sued! Man Claims, "He Touched My Penis"

Tuesday 8:46 AM, 08/05/2012
Did he really harass the masseur? Or is it just another fame ploy by some guy?!
Looks like John Travolta got a bit too much Saturday Night Fever when he went in for a massage and according to masseur, attempted to have sex with...READ MORE ▶
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John Travolta In Gay Sex Scandal!

Thursday 3:57 PM, 15/03/2012
Uuuuhhh... Think about your wife, John!
John Travolta is once again the subject of a sex scandal. In January this year John contacted a male massage therapist and picked him up in his Bla...READ MORE ▶
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Top List: Ten Celebrities Who Got The Moves!

Tuesday 4:04 PM, 18/10/2011
2. Patrick Swayze was the king of the Dance floor! We really miss you Patrick!
3. Christopher Walken really had some serious moves back in the day, he actually started his career as a dancer! 4. Antonio Banderas has that latino rhythm running trough his veins and we get to see his ballroom talents in the movie "Take The Lead"! 5. Jennifer Lopez is singer, actress, and a dancer! Yes this woman can do it all! 6. Jessica Alba showed us that dancing is one of her many talents in the movie "Honey"! 7. We haven't seen his dance moves in a while, but we know John Travolta still has it! 8. Natalie Portman plays a beautiful ballerina in "Black Swan", and even if the rumor that she didn't do all of the dancing herself is true, we know that she's still great! 9. Neve Campbell used to be a ballerina before she became an actress! 10. We know that Kendra Wilkinson can shake it, and she looked beautiful in "Dancing with the Stars"!
Some of our favorite celebrities have not only surprised with their acting talent, but also with their great dance moves! Celebs you would never expect like Christoper Walken, are seriously good dancers! Get ready to hit beat and vote for your fave celeb with talented feet! Click on the pics to see our top ten celebrities who can dance!


Which Celeb Has the Best Moves?

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Anne Hathaway Channels Her Inner John Travolta!

Friday 12:12 PM, 19/08/2011
See what we mean? Similar outfit and pose!!!!
Anne Hathaway might just be our favorite celebrity EVER! She always plays the slightly-dorky-turned-beauty in movies and we love her carefree attitude and how funny she is! We spotted Anne decked out in 70s chic, is she channeling her inner John Travolta à la Saturday Night Fever? BTW: We think she looks great!
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