John Malkovich

9 December 1953, Illinois, USA
61 years

Glenne Headly, Michelle Pfeiffer
Actor John Malkovich is a Croatian actor who is one of the most respected actors of our time. His movie "Being John Malkovich" is considered a classic now. He used to be overweight as a child.

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Hot like no other

Megan Fox's Break-Up Gave her a Career Boost!

Thursday 10:06 AM, 05/03/2009
Hot Megan
bye bye Transformers, A-list! Megan is going to hit the big time now!
This is probably the last time Megan Fox is going to be free to wonder around antique furniture stores for hours in quite a long time! The star, who broke up with Brian Austin Green last week, has just found out she is going to star in, not one, but two huge upcoming movies this year! The first one is a Western with Hollywood hardhitter John Malkovich and Josh Brolin called Jonah Hex and the second is Fathom a underwater comic book adventure brought to life! Megan really looks like she could be the new Angelina Jolie!
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