Drunk John Galliano - "I love Hitler!"

Tuesday 9:06 AM, 01/03/2011
Drunk John Galliano - "I love Hitler!"

He kind of has a little Hitler moustache....doesn't he?
Mean face!

Mean face!

Will he ever work again after this?!

Will he ever work again after this?!
Shock and horror! One of the major designer's of our time might be a complete racist and crazy person! John Galliano, as we showed you this past weekend, was arrested for verbal assault and drunken behaviour in Paris last week where, it is rumored her made all kinds of horrible anti-semitic comments to a woman in a bar.

After Galliano immediately suspended from his post at Christian Dior, his reps announced that he was going to press charges for defamation of character, but now there is video proof! Here is Galliano, obviously trashed drunk in another bar with two other girls, sayin he "loves Hitler". Nasty stuff be warned!

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hmm(non member) 1
01/03/2011 2:05 PM

hkij(non member) 2
01/03/2011 3:47 PM
Anyway, noone can deny his talent. I'm sure he
will continue working, because otherwise those
jews will have nothing to wear.

2(non member) 3
01/03/2011 7:08 PM
WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

Drunkeness crazy reject(non member) 4
04/03/2011 11:05 PM
Hwo know's he's real opinions... this drunken bar
video only shows he did'nt want to talk to these
girls and it came out a terrible (frightening)
way! But that happens in clubs and a little role
play didn't hurt anyone....

medina(non member) 5
15/03/2011 8:56 PM
he is a king, love jews or hate them , it's
donesn't matter he is a king of fashion art, and
dior will fall

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