"Source" Slams Reports of Cheating Joel Madden!

Saturday 8:06 AM, 10/07/2010
"Source" Slams Reports of Cheating Joel Madden!

This week Star Magazine published a story about Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, claiming he cheated on his girlfriend Nicole Richie last May while out at a club in West Palm Beach. Star cited the club's DJ, DJ J.R. Hutter as a source and claimed he had said that he saw Joel cuddle with a woman at the club whom he later brought back to his hotel for an afterparty. The problem is that the DJ in question never said anything like it, "There was nothing strange about Joel's behavior that night. Star made those quotes up." According to Star Hutter had told them that Nicole "wouldn't be happy" if she found out what Joel was doing behind her back but Hutter insists that "Joel actually talked about his wife and kids the whole time. He even mentioned he was getting married." That's what happens when you make things up Star! (Source: E!)
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