Poor Heartbroken Joe Jonas!

Wednesday 6:34 PM, 29/07/2009
Poor Heartbroken Joe Jonas!

Poor Joe can't even smile to his fans!
The Jonas Brothers

The newly-single Joe Jonas and the rest of his brothers Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas attended a screening of the Disney movie Ponyo last night. for his adoring public as he leaves a screening of the Disney animation Ponyo. As we told you a day or so ago, Joe has just broken up with his girlfriend Camilla Belle and it is clear from these pics that Joe is taking things pretty badly! He couldn't even crack a smile for the cameras! He is definitely not his usual bubbly self! Poor Joe we hope you get over the heartbreak really soon.

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chrystal (Posh24 member) 1
29/07/2009 9:19 PM
poor Joe we all know wat its like

soo what(non member) 2
30/07/2009 2:22 AM
i hate the jonas brothers considering they stoal
ideas from my chemical romance THE BEST BAND IN
THE WORLD gerard way is an absoloute legen

sooo what who cares(non member) 3
30/07/2009 2:43 AM
joe is the one who broke up with her it was plan
she should be the sad one

Cheyanne(non member) 4
30/07/2009 4:21 AM
I agree wit soo what they also took songs from the
band Busted year 3000 and What I go to school for
was written by busted and they even made a video.
the Jonas brothers bought thiose songs and made
them disnry approprite

CocoChanel (Posh24 member) 5
31/07/2009 12:42 PM
Poor him, but so what? I hate Jonas Brothers...

YAY!!!(non member) 6
03/08/2009 12:52 PM
Bye Bye Camilla hello Taylor! ! ! and Coco Chanel
you are nuts!!!

why ? (non member) 7
03/08/2009 6:51 PM
why is that news in mileys channel ?

partygirl404 (Posh24 member) 8
05/08/2009 3:39 AM
poor joe itz alwayz hard to move on but he,ll find
someone else he is kute and he iz a jonas brother
so he will meeting someone soon!!!!!

camprock(non member) 9
10/08/2009 9:54 PM
demi and joe very good DEMÝ love JOE :D

16/08/2009 6:56 PM
Hi hannah montana.

16/08/2009 7:01 PM
hannah come to my home.

:((non member) 12
20/08/2009 4:31 PM
All of us had break ups and so has Joe. It's a
normal teenage thing of ours. We just have to move
on, and one day Joe will find the girl who is
perfect for him. AND WON'T CHEAT ON HIM!
(Camilla!) I don't understand why he didn't just
stick with Taylor Swi

22/08/2009 12:01 PM
i'm so sorry for you,joe!you don't deserve
this.you are a good guy and i know you will forget
her.i will always love you and suport you whatever
happens.and please come in Romania!

Vanessaatjj(non member) 14
05/09/2009 9:16 PM
Poor Joe<333
I hate camilla:S
But whan can I
say..You just belong with me<333

Meeeee(non member) 15
04/11/2009 8:54 PM
im sorry joe i love you and everything but i cant
date u, look at those chest hairs
from camilla

nerks(non member) 16
06/11/2009 4:16 AM
Joe don't break up with your girlfriends just stay
with her by the way i don't like you:D

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