Joe Jonas

15 August 1989, Casa Grande, Arizona, USA
24 years

Taylor Swift, Camilla Belle
Joe Jonas shares lead vocals with his brother Nick Jonas, and sometimes plays the guitar and tambourine in the band Jonas Brothers.
The Jonases, including Joe Jonas, are known for their wholesome, family-friendly image. The brothers are all committed Evangelical Christians, their father is a former pastor, and they were homeschooled by their mother.

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Breaking News!

Its Over For Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene!

Thursday 5:40 PM, 17/03/2011
There you go ladies, we told you Joe Jonas has been acting like a single guy lately, partying with friends, shopping and even a makeover! Well Page Six just go the exclusive scoop and apparently its been over for weeks already! Aw well that was nice while it lasted for Ashley! News Flash - Joe jonas is single ladies!
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Joe is not a Jonas Brother Anymore!

Wednesday 9:53 PM, 16/03/2011
Joe Jonas has had a makeover in time for his solo album release and even has a sexy new cover on DETAILS magazine! He wants the world to know he is all grown up and is not the cute little Jonas Brother anymore! What do you think of his new, harder edge, older man look? Do you still love him or are you wishing he never changed? Vote!


The New Joe Jonas?

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Joe Jonas Partying like a Single Guy?!

Wednesday 10:57 PM, 09/03/2011
Hotties out on the town!
We know Ashley Greene is probably away on the set of Twilight, but we can't help wondering, if her man Joe Jonas is behaving himself while she is away....last week we saw him out on the town having breakfast and last again he was partying single with his buddies at Trousdale Club. If you were Ashley, would you be worried?
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Want to Join Joe Jonas for Breakfast?!

Thursday 8:37 PM, 03/03/2011
Cute! Go and find him there!
Joe Jonas is roaming the streets of Los Angeles without his girlfriend Ashley Greene at the moment! She is filming Breaking Dawn in Canada with the rest of the Twilight cast and so you know what that means - its time to go catch him! Just kidding! He is surrounded by his friends anyway! Here they all are having breakfast this morning.
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Posh Picks from Around the Web!

Friday 6:05 PM, 25/02/2011
Happy weekend everybody! We have found some fun stuff to get your weekend off to a rocking start!

The kids at Glee have just released two original songs that will appear on their upcoming album! Our BFF site have them for you to listen to!

We showed you how J.Lo broke down in tears on Idol last night, now listen what she has to say about it on

Joe Jonas took his girlfriend Twilight star Ashley Greene out on a romantic date yesterday and Celebuzz got the pictures!

Last but not least fashion designer John Galliano has been arrested! Get the SHOCKING story at
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Posh Picks From Around the Web!

Monday 6:19 PM, 21/02/2011
We bet you want to know what Joe Jonas bought for his birthday girl, love Ashley Greene right? Well our BFF site, Hollywire has the answer.

Here are some more fun little bits and pieces of Celeb gossip hot off the press from around the web!

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The British Royal Wedding will be missing one very scandalous Royal Family Member - omg!

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