Jodie Marsh

23 December 1978, Brentwood, Essex, England
36 years

Calum Best
Jodie Marsh glamour model and television personality. She has her own reality TV show, Totally Jodie Marsh. She is well known for her heated feuds with other celebrities, including a feud with fellow glamour-model Jordan.
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Oh Dear Lord! Celebrities Wearing Really Bad Makeup!

Sunday 3:43 PM, 24/03/2013
We can barely recognize Brooke Shields wearing this awful makeup. Emma Watson trying on the panda look for the day. It didn't work. Jodie Marsh must've put on her makeup in a very, very dark room. Tina Fey. That concealer under your eyes doesn't make you pretty, Nicole Kidman - it makes you look like a ghost!
We can't help but wonder how the biggest Hollywood stars can wear this bad makeup, when they have access to all the best makeup artists in the world? Anyhow, they didn't really pull off their looks - they simply looked weird. Click on the pics for some good examples of what makeup you should never, ever try!
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Celebrities Doing Their Funniest Faces!

Friday 6:59 PM, 24/02/2012
Wonder what Jodie Marsh is scared of? Her reflection? Paris Hilton looks like a little duck. Quack! Something tasty on your cheek, Janice Dickinson? Jennifer Aniston. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has a bad day. Don't make the contestants on "Americas Next Top Model" do this face, Tyra Banks. It looks creepy. Robert Pattinson is pinching himself in the cheek. Robbie Williams is surprised! An angry Angelina Jolie. Wonder what Brad did this time...
Celebrities are not only posing in front of the camera, they sure give us a great laugh sometimes too. Celebs like Jennifer Aniston can make really funny faces! Click on the pics right now and laugh away!
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Thursday 2:33 PM, 27/01/2011
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This Weeks 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 8:15 PM, 10/05/2009
8. The Hills star Audrina Patridge feels really 80-ties in her see-through top, push-up bh, tight skirt and hard make-up. We don't like it! 7. Cool singer Katy Perry messed up this time. Her dress from Tommy Hilfiger is not flattering for her figure and the blue colour really isn't glamorous at all. 6. Actress Emmy Rossum looked really boring in her mermaid dress. 5. Well, this was just not your day Tyra Banks. The birds nest on her head looks weird and the dress is tacky. 4. Winona Ryder proves that the popular fashion colur black is not always right. 3. Glamour model Jodie Marshs dress looks like something she did by herself. And that is not a compliment! 2. Leighton Meesters clothes from Louis Vuitton have been a hot topic of discussion the last couple of days. Crazy? Yes! Creative? Sure! Pretty? Definitely not! 1. This weeks worst dressed celebrity is without any doubt Madonna! That her outfit comes from Louis Vuitton is a surprise. Madonnas hair is also a disaster. Suddenly her clothes for working out looks really hot in comparison...
At this weeks big celebrity party, the charity event at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, some celebrities looked like real fashion disasters. Madonna was one of this weeks worst dressed celebs. Fashionistas like Leighton Meester and Mary-Kate Olsen also messed up completely.


Who do you think was This Weeks Worst Dressed?

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Jodie Marsh forgot her skirt!

Thursday 6:15 PM, 27/11/2008
Jodie Marsh forgot her skirt!
Nice haircut! Forgot something?
Jodie Marsh poured out of the hot nightclub Volstead in London with her girlfriend Nina holding her up. She spoke to and poses with a small orange man protesting to save the fizzy drink Tango. Jodie was as orange as the protestor who was holding a can of the juice and wearing a t-shirt which says Seems like Jodie forgot her skirt? She's just too vulgar!
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