Joaquin Phoenix

28 October 1974, San Juan, Puerto Rico
39 years

Liv Tyler, Jessica Joffe, Anna Friel, Amelia Warner, Lisa Ebeltoft, Anna Paquin, Topaz Pagegreene, Katie Parfet, Teuta Memedi
Joaquin Phoenix has been in movies such as Walk the Line, Gladiator and We Own the Night. He survived a bad carcrash in 2006. His brother River Phoenix was also an actor but died of an overdose in Johnny Depps night club Viper Room. Joaquins is good friends with Casey Affleck and Matt Damon. He is a strict vegetarian and he loves cats.

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Are Natalie Portman and Joaquin Phoenix Sharing a Stylist?

Friday 6:45 PM, 27/03/2009
Are Natalie Portman and Joaquin Phoenix Sharing a Stylist?
Did Natalie borrow Joaqin's sunglasses? rubber flip-flops?
Natalie Portman was running errandds yesterday in Beverly Hills and we have to say she looked a bit strange. Natalie is not exactly a fashionista, but she usually looks neat. Those rubber flip-flops and badly matched clothing make us think a bit of Joaquin Phoenix and his outfits for his new "hip-hop" performances, if we didn't know any better, we would think Natalie has joined his anit-Hollywood crusade!
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Gwyneth Paltrow Has Advice for Joaquin Phoenix

Tuesday 9:44 PM, 17/03/2009
We all know by now that Joaquin Phoenix is acting(and looking) a bit strange lately. He clames to be quitting acting and is now an aspiring hip-hop artist. Well know-it-all Gwyneth Paltrow actress is Joaquin's friend and sometimes co-star. Of course she had some advice for Joaquin for his future career: ""Hmm ... maybe to go live in the projects for a few years to get some authenticity". We are not sure even that would work: Watch Joaquin's latest shocking performance and behaviour:

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What's wrong?

OMG! Is Joaquin Phoenix High on Letterman?

Friday 4:42 PM, 13/02/2009
OMG! Is Joaquin Phoenix High on Letterman?
What is Joaquin Phoenix up to? First we saw that terrible video of him supposedly launching his new career as a hip-hop poet. We really thought that was bizarre enough, but now he is appearing on television acting like a drugged-out weirdo. We really hope this is all some kind of joke or creative project from Joaquin, otherwise we are really worried about him... have a look at his strange interview below:

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Excuse me?

Gwyneth thinks sharing Red Carpet is Cheesy!

Thursday 7:28 PM, 12/02/2009
Interesting outfit Gwyn!
Joaquin Phoenix Taylor Momsen REM's Michael Stipe Hilary Duff Helena Christenssen
We all know Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin from Coldplay are a married couple, but why do we never see them together on the red carpet? Well Gwyneth told Fox News why not, She thinks its cheesy! We would have thought it would be fun to share these kinds of moments with the one you love. Gwen went solo as usual, for the premiere of "Two Lovers" with stars like Joaquin Phoenix, Taylor Momsen, Hilary Duff, Helena Christensen.
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Latest news

The Real Joaquin Phoenix is a Rapper

Monday 8:02 PM, 19/01/2009
Joaquim the muso!
We almost didn't recognise him! Not loving the messy dreads Joaquim!
No that beard and stringy hair is not for a movie role, this is the real Joaquin Phoenix. He had a special private concert in Las Vegas' LAVO club over the weekend. The "Walk The Line" star announced he was retiring from acting in October and it looks like he is into becoming a rap artist now. This is what Joaquim told PEOPLE magazine about his latest career move: "After all the years of reading scripts and reading lines, this is my chance to do something straight from the heart and put it out there, I love the storytelling aspect of hip-hop."

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Latest news!

Joaquin Phoenix says "Bye Good" to acting!

Monday 6:17 PM, 03/11/2008
Joaquin Phoenix says "Bye Good" to acting!
The message couldn't be clearer. On the premiere of Che, Joaquin Phoenix showed up with the two words "Bye Good" on his knuckles. With that he confirmed his chocking statement that he's going to quit acting to start a career as a musician. It was when he filmed the Academy Awarded movie Walk the line, he learned how to play guitar and discovered that he was a talented singer.
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