Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix has been in movies such as Walk the Line, Gladiator and We Own the Night. He survived a bad carcrash in 2006. His brother River Phoenix was also an actor but died of an overdose in #johnny_depps night club Viper Room. Joaquins is good friends with Casey Affleck and Matt Damon. He is a strict vegetarian and he loves cats.
Oct 28 1974 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Joaquin Phoenix

Jan 9 2015 10:47 PM

Joaquin Phoenix Looking Relaxed in a Denim Trucker Jacket

Dec 17 2014 9:09 PM

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Sep 27 2010 10:25 AM

Joaquin Phoenix Returns To Hollywood!

As you may have heard Joaquin Phoenix is "back" after revealing that the whole retiring-to-become-a-rapper-thing was just an act and yesterday he showed up at PETA's 30th Anniversary Gala in Hollywood with his sister Rain...

Jul 25 2010 7:21 PM

Casey Affleck Sued For Sexual Harassment!

Ben Affleck's brother Casey Affleck has been accused of sexual harassment by a producer of his documentary 'I'm Still Here' about his brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix's attempts to become a rap star...

Nov 25 2009 5:07 PM

Yes! They have dated!

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