Jim Carrey

17 January 1962, Ontario, Canada
52 years

Lauren Holly, Renée Zellweger , Jenny McCarthy
Jim Carrey är en komiker som har många storfilmer bakom sig. Båda kanadensisk och amerikansk medborgare. Äger ett flygplan värt 25 miljoner dollar. Skickade roliga brev till Tupac Shakur när denne satt i fängelse. Kompis med Tom Cruise. Hade toppbetyg i skolan. Älskar wrestling. Vegetarian.
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Jim Carrey's Daughter Auditioned for American Idol!

Tuesday 5:14 PM, 24/01/2012
Jim Carrey’s 24 year old daughter, Jane Carrey, auditioned for American Idol and of course the family of a A-lister in Hollywood gets special treatment. Unlike the others who wanted to audition, she didn’t have to wait in line for days. A source said “Her audition was pre-arranged with the producers. She did not wait and line up for hours or days outside – she had a time, showed up and went in.”
The judges knew who Jane was and they sent her to the next round! We wonder if that was special treatment too? She called Jim outside and he said “I can’t wait for the world to understand what she has. Way to go. Oh my god this is going to be an exciting year!” Well, now we’re definitely are going to follow American Idol! So exciting! Watch the video to see the whole audition! (radaronline)
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Ten Hot Hollywood Secrets: Guy Edition

Tuesday 4:39 PM, 24/01/2012
Matthew Perry is missing part of his middle finger on his right hand due to shutting it in a door! Matt Damon performed the Talking Heads "Burning Down the House" in a high school talent show, Before Brad Pitt became an actor, he worked as a chauffeur, a furniture mover, and a costumed chicken for the restaurant El Pollo Loco. George Clooney sleeps in his walk-in closet sometimes. He says: "all the bedrooms are too light!” When Jim Carrey was a child, he wore tap shoes when he went to bed just in case his parents needed cheering up in the middle of the night. As a 2nd grader Jamie Foxx was so good at jokes that if the class behaved, his teacher used him as a reward to entertain. Colin Farrell says that Marilyn Monroe was the first woman he fell in love with and that he used to leave Smarties under his pillow with a note, "I know you're dead but these are very tasty and you should come and have a few. I won't tell anyone" Ben Affleck asked his mom for a dog when he was a child and she made him walk an imaginary dog for seven days. He only did it for five days and didn’t get a dog. Tom Cruise says that he does the “Risky Business” underwear dance when he’s at home alone.
We have such big crushes on our favorite celebrity guys, but let's be honest: we don't know that much about them! We just like to stare. We dug around and found some secrets for our ten favorites. Click on the pics to read juicy secrets about Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, and others.

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Jim Carrey In A Pair Of Dirty Pants!

Saturday 9:25 AM, 14/01/2012
Jim Carrey was seen leaving his Manhattan hotel in New York. Why does he have paint on his pants?!
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Top List! The Nine Best Celebrity Blogs!

Friday 8:10 PM, 07/10/2011
8. Zooey Deschanel's blog is pretty good! 7. Dianna Agron's blog is very personal and she share clips from her life or just stuff she likes! 6. Kim Kardashian loves to write about her fab celeb life and we like reading about it! We love Kim's blog! 5. We love Ashley Tisdale's vlog! We just wish that she would post more vlogs every day! 4. The star of  Criminal Minds, Matthew Gray Gubler's blog is kind of artsy, just like him! 3. Whitney Port's blog is cute and wonderful! 2. Nikki Reed's blog is our fave! She writes about all her thoughts and dreams. You really feel like you get to know her! 1. Jim Carrey's vlog is great, funny, and soo weird! You never know what's coming up next!
We love to read celebs blogs! They give us a fun insight to the real lives of celebrities! Some celebs even Vlog, which is video blogging and is so much fun! Remember Jim Carrey's creepy vlog to Emma Stone? Click on the pics to see our top nine fave celebs who blog!
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Happy Father's Day!

Sunday 9:26 AM, 19/06/2011
Brad Pitt is such a great dad! Gavin Rossdale with his sons, Kingston and Zuma! We bet Jim Carrey is a hilarious dad! Keith Urban with cutie, Sunday Rose! Matthew Broderick with James Wilkie. Usher with his little one! Hugh Jackman with daughter, Ava Eliot! Ben Affleck with daughter, Violet. Jack Black with Sammy!
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Thanks for always being there when we need you most and teaching us how to change a tire! :)

We hope you have a great day, just like these celeb dads!
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Jim Carrey Has a Crowded Lunch!

Sunday 2:47 PM, 22/05/2011
There are two disadvantages of having lunch outside as a celebrity. 1) The paparazzi will snap nasty eating shots of you and 2) just about everyone walking by will stop to ask for your autograph!

When funny man Jim Carrey tried to enjoy a lunch at Bar Pitti in Manhattan, New York the other day, he could hardly chew one bite between the constant stream of excited fans. He took his time to chit chat with each and one of them though, and didn't look all to bothered with it. Love beats food, right?
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