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Isabel Lucas Shines in Yellow!

Sunday 12:17 PM, 29/08/2010
Actress Isabel Lucas is one of Hollywood's hottest young stars and is as gorgeous as she is talented! We spotted her leaving the Byron & Tracey Hair Salon in Los Angeles yesterday after getting her hair done and she was cute as ever in a yellow dress and simple jewelry!
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Whose HUGE Rock?

Friday 7:37 PM, 20/08/2010
Which lucky newly wed is running around Los Angeles with that gorgeous square cut diamond ring? Its Hilary Duff! We spotted her at the Byron & Tracey hair salon and at her Pilates studio in Beverly Hills yesterday and she was proudly swinging her ring finger around showing off her jewelry. Lucky lady!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 4:13 PM, 02/08/2010
8. Is Rumer Willis impersonating an air hostess or some kind of out of date teacher's uniform or something? Either way, we don't get this outfit for her. Its way too serious and so is her face. What is she trying to say? we have no idea! 7. Scarlett Johansson is usually great at dressing her curves but this black corsetted suit is so out of date and out of touch for summer, we just don't understand what happened. We are thinking someone else must have dressed her, well we hope so anyway! 6. Even though we give Heidi Klum points for trying something new and we understand she was trying to be high fashion and edgy at her party last week, we just don't think she quite pulled this look off. Sorry Heidi, stick to your own style and stay out of Rihanna's closet! 5. Mira Sorvino is known for her strange taste in red carpet fashion and this mint green, frilly cocktail dress is just as confusing as most of her style choices to us. The style of this dress doesn't flatter any part of her body and it just looks kind of sad and old fashioned. 4. We feel bad for Estelle, she is often taking risks with fashion and that's great, but she never seems to quite get it bang on. We never think wow when we see her outfits. Keep trying girl, you have something going with the eye-popping colour matching, but the fit is still all wrong! 3. Nobody does overdone and trashy gutter princess like Jordan aka Katie Price. At her book signing this week she wore this hideous tutu dress with a picture printed on the front similar to the cheesy picture on her new novel. Ugh! 2. Pamela Bach Hasselhoff  is also famous for her bad fashion and here is a great example of why.  There is just way too much going on here! The busy pattern, the dramatic corset belt, the huge necklace  the tan and all that jewelry. Country and Western bling bling is what we think we are calling this DONT! 1. Oh no Tara Reid what happened to you! Last year it looked like the party girl was finally cleaning up, but this weekend she was spotted falling out of this little black dress that was way too big on top and way too short on her thighs. Then add that her hair was a total mess and her makeup smudged all over face and what you get is a huge mess!
This was a difficult week for us, some ladies were tryiing really hard to get it right with their fashion risks, but still just got it wrong. So we want to give them points for hard work, but that doesn't mean it was pretty. Heidi Klum and Estelle are great examples of fashion tri-hards this week, but there are a few we really wish would try harder too!


Who was worst?

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Hilary Duff Never Takes It Off!

Friday 8:24 PM, 09/07/2010
Even though she would probably rather lay out on the beach, Hilary Duff is forcing herself to keep going to the gym in the LA heat! We spotted her leaving her gym in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon and we noticed that she doesn't even take her engagement ring off when she works out. On the other hand, neither would we if we had a rock that size on our finger!
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This Week's Best Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 5:16 PM, 05/07/2010
8. Goldie Hawn really does look great for her age and this dress really brings out the best in her! Patterned dresses are all the rage right now so let yourself be inspired by this look! 7. So simple yet so stunning! Liz Hurley was hardly wearing any make-up or jewelry but still managed to steal the show at Elton John's party this weekend in this stunning hot pink dress. Not many people can pull of that look at her age! 6. You won't be surprised to see Kate Moss on the list this week! Kate matched three different nuances of beige in this outfit and did a great job! 5. Freida Pinto looks good in pratically anything but this color really pops on her! The red nails are the cherry on the top! 4. Who said you can't wear a sequin dress with a cardigan and a scruffily tied scarf around your neck? Lily Cole obviously thinks it's ok to dress down your hottest party dresses and we agree! 3. Nothing is hotter on a woman than a pair of leather pants and a white t-shirt. Supermodel Elle Macpherson has been in the game long enough to know this and managed to score a perfect 10 with this outfit! 2. Victoria Beckham knows exactly how to dress to flatter her figure and this beige dress from her own line of clothing looks great on her! 1. This may come as a surprise to you since Serena Williams isn't known for her style but this week she won both our Best Dressed list and the Wimbledon finals! Congratulations!
You can tell it's summer now! Most celebrities look fresh and tan and this week's Best Dressed list has a lot of very colorful outfits! You won't be surprised to see that Victoria Beckham and Elle Macpherson made the list but this week's number one is someone who doesn't usually get a lot of credit for her style!


Best dressed this week?

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Now You Can Look Like Britney Spears Too!

Thursday 4:45 PM, 01/07/2010
Now anyone can dress like Britney Spears! The popstar recently launched her first Limited Edition collection for Candie's which will be available exclusively at Kohl's. As you can see in the ads the collection includes both apparel and accessories and naturally Britney will model the collection herself!
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