Diamond rings, sparkling necklaces and big engagement rings. Celebs like to have the most expensive and beautiful jewelry. It´s almost always about how many carats it has. Look at all the beautiful jewelry here!
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Heidi's Hot Accessory Secret: Peek Inside Her Jewelry Box!

Saturday 2:17 AM, 10/09/2011
Heidi loves earrings! Heidi looks beautiful with the heavier diamond earrings, they really frame her face! Black butterfly earrings look totally right with her romantic hairdo! Heidi was bold and paired statement earrings with a daring dress! She loves butterfly earrings! We love them too, they are so cute!
Super model and super fashionista Heidi Klum loves to accessorize! We often see her in statement pieces, like a big necklace or bracelet, and it always looks great! But our favorite accessory on Heidi is her statement earrings! She always wears the coolest looking earrings! Click on the pics to see some of Heidi's favorite earrings!

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Heidi Klum Brings the Bling!

Tuesday 12:09 PM, 28/06/2011
So excited for Wildlife!
Yesterday we told you about our favorite celeb designers , well now we should add Heidi Klum to that list! As you probably know, Heidi is launching a new perfume this September but is also releasing a jewelry line!

Her new collection will be called, "Wildlife by Heidi Klum" and it will be different from her 2006 jewelry line, which is now discontinued. Heidi's new Wildlife line will include rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with prices ranging from $30 to $200. Sounds pretty awesome to us! (cocoperez)

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Lindsay Lohan Skips Out on Jail Time!

Thursday 10:27 AM, 12/05/2011
The big court hustle!
How she always manages to get her way and stay out of jail with the minimum punishment, we will never know, but Lindsay Lohan has done it again! Yesterday she pleaded "No Contest" to the jewelry theft she is accused of, so instead of spending 120 days in jail, she will now be placed under house arrest with an electronic monitor, she will do community service and is being forced into psychological cuunseling as well as a support group for shop-lifters! That's it! No rehab, no jail-time nothing! So basically another holiday away from it all for Lilo! (TMZ)
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Lindsay Lohan Will Plead No Contest!

Monday 11:00 AM, 02/05/2011
She just wants to move on! Lindsay Lohan and her lawyer in court. Lindsay's mugshot.
Will the saga of Lindsay Lohan vs The Necklace ever end? Seriously!
Sources say that LiLo just wants to all be over and to get on with her life. ...READ MORE ▶
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Would you Wear Angelina Jolie Style?!

Monday 3:25 PM, 11/04/2011
Angie is a bit hit and miss on the red carpet these days The earrings all kind of look like this Her grown up style
Angelina has just launched another jewelry collection, but this time its not all snake bracelets and necklaces! She has gone all classy and artisti...READ MORE ▶
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Wednesday 2:39 AM, 30/03/2011
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