Jessie J

27 March 1988, Redbridge, London
27 years

Jessie J
Born as Jessica Ellen Cornish, stagename Jessie J is an English singer and songwriter. Jessie has written songs for Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera and also also co-wrote the song "Party in the U.S.A." for Miley Cyrus. She was also the supporting singer for Cyndi Lauper during her tour. Jessie J's first song released was Do It Like A Dude. In 2010 she won both Brit Awards for Critic's Choice and BBC named her winner of Sound of 2011.

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Jessie J Is A Lesbian, Bosses Told Her To Keep It Mum!

Thursday 4:27 PM, 19/04/2012
Jessie J is lesbian. Her record bosses told her to hide the truth.
A new book claims that Jessie J is gay, but that her record bosses told her to hide the truth. An unauthorised biography released this month claims...READ MORE ▶
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Bangs! Our Celebrities Favourite Hair-Cut!

Monday 9:01 PM, 16/04/2012
Brave girl! Katy Perry is a true inspiration. Selma Blair is so cute with her cup of coffee! Penelope Cruz wears a dramatic dress and pretty hair. What's on that shopping list Taylor Swift? Strike a pose! Rooney Mara wearing her favorite lipstick. Alexa Chung likes her short hair. Reese Witherspoon has worn bangs for years. It suits her well! You look happy today Kelly Rowland! Pretty as a picture! Jessie J follows the trend.
Bangs is a fun and easy way to change your looks. There are many different ways to style them, just ask these stars! Katy Perry is brave enough to wear bright blue bangs while Reese Witherspoon looks pretty in her blonde hair-do. Check out these 10 celebrities hair-cuts by clicking on the pics!
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Jessie J' Hot Ombre Hair!

Tuesday 10:03 AM, 10/04/2012
We spotted Jessie J when she was leaving Avalon after the ELLE Women In Music concert in Hollywood. The ombre hair looks so cool on her!
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Celebrity Trend: Crazy Hair Colors

Saturday 4:50 PM, 07/04/2012
Chloe Moretz with colorful loops in her hair. Katy Perry has received much attention for her blue hair! Ashley Tisdale brings a pop of color to her blonde hair! Nicki Minaj loves pink! Jessie J in acool, dip-dyed look. She looks great in popping purple!
Adding colorful loops or color your hair in crazy, colorful shades has become an increasingly strong beauty trend in Hollywood and celebrities have rocked a range of rainbow bright hair colors! Celebs like Katy Perry, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj have gone down the bold and beautiful route choosing block colours in a rainbow of Skittle-inspired hues to stand out. What do you think about the trend? Is it hot or not?
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Top 10 twitpics Of The Week!

Sunday 12:08 PM, 01/04/2012
The hottest new rumored couple! Baptiste Giabiconi posted this pic with Katy Perry on his twitter and wrote: 'hey my #littlekats u look So amazing in this pics !:)?'. Sweet! Rihanna is one of our most frequent celebrity twitterers! Her tweets are so charmig! Chris Brown posted this picture on Twitter with the caption “NERDz vs Da Hood”. Swag! Jessie J posted this picture of herself on twitter and wrote: 'Look I'm Blonde :D wooooooo'. You look great in your new hair color Jessie! Lady Gaga turned 26 in these day and posted this picture on her Twitter with the captions  'This is how it feels turning 26 in three and a half hours. Ha!'. Hit Makers! posted this picture on Twitter with Wiz Khalifa in the studio! Nicole Scherzinger posted this picture on Twitter with the caption 'I can't wait for yall to hear this! Omg #KILLER....!'. We can't wait either Nicole! You make us so curious! Lady Gaga goes au naturelle! She poested this picture on her Twitter with the captions ´Have a beautiful day'.
Victoria Beckham posted a lovely Monday greeting to her fans and wrote ´Happy Monday´.
Something you should know by now is that we love to stalk our favourite celebrities on Twitter and they keep us thoroughly entertained with their daily updates! We keep ourselves constantly updated with the twitter feeds and we have collected some of the best, funniest and sweetest tweets of the week. Click on the pictures to find out what celebrities have been up to these days, enjoy!
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Jessie J's Skintight Getup: Hot or Not?

Saturday 10:02 AM, 31/03/2012
We spotted Jessie J on a launch party of iCreate, Vitaminwater’s official flavor of the Olympics, wearing an outrageous getup that was sure to put all eyes on her. It may looks like a jumpsuit but it's actually a top combined with matching pants. The matching skintight, high waisted pants and top was paired with black heels and her newly colored ombred hair. We always think that she's cool! She's doing her own thing, even though the getup wasn't the most stylish thing we've seen on her...What do you think of Jessie's outfit: Hot or not?


Jessie J's Outfit: Hot or Not`?

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