Jessica Szohr

31 March 1985, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
29 years

Ed Westwick
American actress Jessica Szohr is known from the popular TV-series Gossip Girls where she plays the character Vanessa Abrams. Jessica has a background as a model. She has hungarian stock.
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Fashion Week

Everyone's Loving The New Jimmy Choo!

Saturday 9:08 AM, 13/02/2010
SHOES! Singer Alex Young Jessica Szohr Brooke Shields Alexandra Richards Caroline Winberg, Heidi Mount, Quiana, Cristin Gotschalk and Glenda Bailey
The CEO of iconic shoe brand Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon, held a party at the Jimmy Choo store in Manhattan yesterday to lauch the latest collection for Fashion Week! As you know, celebs are huge fans of the brand so it was no surprise to see stars like Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr and Brooke Shields there! Sneak a peek at the stunning shoes too!
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Celebrities Who Love Football!

Monday 10:22 AM, 08/02/2010
Singer Jennifer Lopez Actress Jessica Szohr Actors Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr Actors Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr Actor Kellan Lutz Actor Taylor Lautner Actors Taylor Lautner, Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans Actors Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr Singer Jennifer Lopez and Aaron Paul Actor Taylor Lautner Actor Taylor Lautner Actress Jessica Szohr Actor Taylor Lautner and Shawn Wayans Singer Jennifer Lopez and quarterback Marc Sanchez Actors Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr Singer Jennifer Lopez Actor Taylor Lautner Actors Taylor Lautner and Aaron Paul Actor Taylor Lautner Actor Taylor Lautner Actor Taylor Lautner Actor Taylor Lautner Actress Jessica Szohr Actress Jessica Szohr Singer Jennifer Lopez Actors Taylor Lautner and Marlon Wayans Actor Kellan Lutz Singer Jennifer Lopez Singer Jennifer Lopez Singer Jennifer Lopez Actress Jessica Szohr Actor Taylor Lautner Singer Jennifer Lopez Actor Taylor Lautner and Emmett Cullen Actor Kellan Lutz
As you saw earlier today both Chris Rock and David Spade were in Miami for the Superbowl but they weren't the only ones! Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Lautner, Jessica Szohr, Kellan Lutz and Ed Westwick all showed up for the Celebrity Beach Bowl last night where they really go into the game before the Big Game! Isn't it nice how football brings all the Hollywood stars together?!
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On set

How the Gossip Girls Get Busy!

Thursday 10:24 AM, 28/01/2010
How the Gossip Girls Get Busy!
Loving that jacket Jessica Leighton out of character Bad girl! Yummy hot drinks!
The stars of Gossip Girl are filming in Brooklyn, New York right now and we spotted sexy girls Leighton Meester and Jessica Szohr on set yesterday in action! Being on set doesn't always mean acting in front of the cameras, so these girls have their ways of keeping busy between takes, Jessica was glued to her phone, chatting and laughing, Leighton got her caffeine fix and Taylor was smoking on set, bad girl!
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You Know You Wanna Be a Gossip Girl!

Thursday 1:16 PM, 14/01/2010
You Know You Wanna Be a Gossip Girl!
Blake Lively sexy in black and white! We love Jessica Szohr's simple style too! Olivia Palermo, the real-life socialite Cute Leighton Meester! Eric Daman - the man behind Gossip Girl's famous style!
The stars of hit tv series Gossip Girl all partied together last night to celebrate the show's costume designer Eric Daman book launch! Stars like Blake Lively, Jessica Szohr and Leighton Meester were all dressed to kill and having a blast! The book, called "You Know You Want It" shows all Eric's inspiration behind his styling and is available in stores right now, so you can see exactly how to be a Gossip Girl, even New York fashionista Olivia Palermo was at the party to get some tips, so it must be one amazing book!
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Stars Love Sherlock Holmes!

Friday 1:11 PM, 18/12/2009
Stars Love Sherlock Holmes!
Jessica Szohr and Ashley Greene Joel Silver and his family Aw cute, Guy brought his son Rocco Ritchie to the event! Eva Mendes Bruce Willis and new wife Emma Heming Blake Lively
Last night NYC stars came out in full force for the premiere of Guy Ritchie's latest movie Sherlock Holmes! Besides the movie's acting stars Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams, Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Jessica Szohr as well as Twilight cutie Ashley Greene were also there and looking gorgeous! Take a look!

The movie trailer:
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Hollywood's Strongest Power Couple?

Friday 3:54 PM, 11/12/2009
Their age difference has never been problem for them! Demi Moore and her toy-boy husband just keep getting more loved up as the years go by! Definitely one of Hollywood's happiest couples right now! Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have tamed their rock'n roll lifestyle and now have two little children of their own. They really are one of the cutest and coolest couples around! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or Brangelina as they hate to be called, are the most famous couple in the world right now, their love affair had a controversial start, will it end the same way? First former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham and her football hottie husband David Beckham becames the most glam couple in their homeland England, but now they have conquered Hollywood and the world too. These two celebrated their 10 year anniversary this year! The rocker and the fashion model, its such a classic combination, but Kate Moss has never seemed happier! It looks like rocker Jamie Hince may just be the supermodel's perfect match... Everybody's favourite lady couple! Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi met at an Awards show in 2004 and it was love at first sight! Portia says Ellen makes her knees weak and takes her breath away, just like in all the famous love songs! Sweet! Its amazing how rockers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have kept their love alive since the 90's with their hectic touring schedules. These two have had amazingly little drama in their relationships and seem so settled and happy together! There are so many rumours about Katie Holmes' quickie love affair and marriage to Tom Cruise, but one thing is absolutely true, TomKat are fun to watch, especially with their adorable little Suri around! What will happen to this family? Only time will tell... The chemistry between Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley is just as exciting to watch on and off-screen! What a stunning pair and they seem so down to earth too! Who would have thought we would ever see the biggest player in Hollywood, Russell Brand so in love and ready to settle down? Its only been a few months and already he is talking marriage and babies! Has Katy Perry tamed this wild man? These two musical giants definitely make a shining power couple. Beyonce and Jay-Z have kept their love affair very private, but that doesn't mean they have been below our radar! They married quietly in 2008 and have a strong team ever since! The world was shocked when Madonna first showed off her new Brazilian toy-boy Jesus Luz, especially so soon after her divorce. At 22 years old, Jesus could be Madonna's child, but they have lasted way longer than anyone thought, so who knows? Aw puppy love! British model Luke Worrall is Kelly Osbourne's first real love and wow are these two into each other! They even have matching haircuts now! Will their love be forever like Kelly's mom and dad or is it destined to end badly? Gossip Girl stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are one of 2009's hottest new couples. They both are steamy sexy and talented, but will they last? After Heidi Klum gave birth to her and husband Seal's 3rd child together this year, she officially changed her last name to his. Things just keep getting more solid between this golden couple and they just seem more and more in love each day!
Hollywood love matches are not famous for lasting the distance, but its always exciting to watch two superstars fall in love! Who has been able to take their eyes off couples like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and of course The Beckhams? Love them or hate them, its hard to deny their super power status in Hollywood. But which of these couples do you think will last the longest? Vote on your choice for the most stable Hollywood relationship right here!


Which couple has your vote?

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