Jessica Szohr

31 March 1985, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
29 years

Ed Westwick
American actress Jessica Szohr is known from the popular TV-series Gossip Girls where she plays the character Vanessa Abrams. Jessica has a background as a model. She has hungarian stock.
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Fashion Police! Who's Guilty Of Some Serious Pattern Crimes?

Saturday 3:05 PM, 10/12/2011
Why can't people dress age appropriate? Not only does Rachel Bilson look like an old lady, she looks like a tasteless old lady. Sorry Rach, but you're GUILTY! Fashion princess Nicole Richie hardly ever does wrong. We love this pretty dress. What else is there to say than NOT GUILTY! Ugh! We absolutely hate this! Kourtney Kardashian, you're beyond GUILTY! One of Vanessa Hudgens finest moments was in this bohemian maxi dress. Love the soft colors and her short haircut. NOT GUILTY! It's not easy to pull a dress like this of but Alexa Chung did. Follow her lead and style you're pattern dress with simple black accessories. Definitely NOT GUILTY! It looks like Lea Michelle took some leaves and randomly glued them on to her dress. GUILTY! From the rock chic belt to the pink lips, Lauren Conrad got it all right. NOT GUILTY! We can't understand how anyone would ever walk through their door, wearing this. Jessica Szohr, we find you GUILTY! Pixie Lott also went for a black and white pattern. This pattern is super elegant, we love it. Pixie is NOT GUILTY!
Wearing patterns and pulling it of can be quite difficult sometimes. In cases like these we usually turn to our favorite fashionistas to gain inspiration, but sometimes even they can make some big mistakes. We've turned the fashion police loose to investigate celebs like Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie! Click on the pics and find out who's guilty and who's not guilty of some serious pattern crimes!

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Style Tip: Beautiful In Blue!

Thursday 6:10 PM, 24/11/2011
Emmy Rossum paired her blue dress with a statement necklace Fergie went for the short version. The really short version. Renee Zallweger chose a dark blue dress, that looks amazing with her pale skin Lauren Conrads little blue dress is to die for! Taylor Swift. Blake Lively paired her electric blue Michael Kors dress with purple heels. Another GG star, Jessica Szohr, brought sexy back Katie Holmes in a beautiful Calvin Klein dress. Covered in sequins, Dita von Teese showed up in this Jenny Packham gown. Gorg!
On the red carpet, blue is the color to wear! It's the perfect color for everyone, just make sure to pick a shade that suits your skin tone. Long and elegant like Katie Holmes or short casual like Lauren Conrad! Why not throw on a statement necklace do go with it, just like Emmy Rossum did? Click the pictures to see which celebs are blue for blue!


Who Wore Blue Best?

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Red Carpet Fashion: Celebrities Burn Red Hot!

Tuesday 6:08 PM, 08/11/2011
Nina Dobrev won Best Dressed at the Emmy's for this dress! And we agree, this Donna Karan looks amazing on her curvacious body! The daring Dita von Teese in a Zac Posen gown Fearne Cotton in a short red dress. Pretty! Jameela Jamil combining her light red dress with a crazy piano clutch Sandra Bullock looked amazing at the Emmy's wearing Vera Wang.
Heidi Klum never disappoints us! We love her in this John Galliano gown! Anne Hathaway stuns in Marchesa! Doesn't Kristin Cavallari look cute in this red little number? Although we're not big fans of the ruffles on the skirt! Jessica Szohr in a cute mini dress designed by Marchesa. We love the way she topped it off with bright and sparkly accessories.
One trend we've noticed on the red carpet is that celebs love red dresses! Forget the little black dress, it's the year of the little red dress! Not only is red a classic Fall color, but it's also daring and sensual. We love it when celebs like Nina Dobrev pair red with diamonds, it's undeniably sexy and sophisticated. Click on the pics to check out the most amazing red dresses we've ever seen!
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Is Gossip Girl A Total Copy Cat?

Friday 8:13 PM, 21/10/2011
Penn Badgley's character, Dan Humphrey, started out as a quiet loner... Just like Benjamin McKenzie's character, Ryan, did! Blake Lively's role as Serena van der Woodsen made her famous. And so did Mischa Barton's role as Marissa Cooper! Both girl's characters are young, rich, and troubled but they get saved by the "lonely boy." Blair was against Serena and Dan's relationship at first, but Leighton Meester's character later on changed her mind and even hooked up with him herself! Rachel Bilson was perfect as Summer Roberts. She too was against her friends relationship at first. Chace Crawford is the American dream in Gossip Girl. He hated Dan but now they're best friends! And Luke, played by Chris Carmack, is the O.C's "Nate." Remember how Luke couldn't stand Ryan at first? Not to forget, lonely boy's childhood friend, a dark beauty who wants to be more than friends. Jessica Szohr was Gossip Girl's version! And Navi Rawat's, Theresa, was the friend in The O.C.!
We love Gossip Girl, all the characters, the clothes and the drama! But we’ve noticed that it has a pretty similar story line to another one of our favorite series: The O.C! We've noticed some pretty big similarities and wonder if you guys have too. For example: the lonely guy from a less fortunate family falls in love with the rich girl and hangs out with all of her crazy, rich friends and at first the friends hate him, but eventually the let him in. Both Gossip Girl and The O.C have the same creators and it's a winning plot, but still it's not very creative! And even if Gossip Girl is a total copy cat, we think it's a lot better than The O.C!
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No One Does Couples Like Gossip Girl!

Saturday 3:11 PM, 01/10/2011
Blair and Dan, we must admit, we didn't see that coming! The romance between Serena and Dan became even more romantic, knowing Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were a couple in real life too! We had almost forgotten that Blair and Nate were a couple! But Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford look great together! We will miss Jessica Szohr on the show! Vanessa and Nate were so cute! Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle, aka Lily and Rufus, have been seen together a lot outside the set! Maybe their character's romance has rubbed off? Nate and Serena were almost too perfect together....
There are so many twists and turns on Gossip Girl right now and it's so exciting! But we are feeling a bit nostalgic about the first few seasons of Gossip Girl, like remember when Chuck and Blair first hooked up in the backseat of a limo? Or when Dan and Serena went on their first date but ended up at the Kiss On The Lips party? Who would've guessed that later Dan and Blair would have a fling?

Now with a new season GG we can expect some new relationships, but right now we're in the nostalgic mood, so we've chosen our favorite GG couples throughout the years. Click on the photos and tell us which couple is your fave!
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Joe Jonas, Hollywood's Biggest Hearbreaker!

Saturday 12:18 PM, 17/09/2011
It was a big shock to us when Joe and Ashley Greene broke up. We did not see that coming! Joe and AJ Michalka dated during 2006. Though it didn't last so long, we thought they were a cute couple! Not even a talented and beautiful girl such as Camilla Belle could keep Joe interested for longer than a couple of months! Joe isn't the smoothest person on earth. Given the fact that he brought his new girlfriend (Ashley) on tour with his old one. Poor Demi Lovato! Maybe you think Joe and Taylor were meant to be? Well, we're not so sure Taylor wants him back after that notorious 27 second call...Not cool Joe, not cool!
Joe Jonas might just be the biggest heartbreaker in Hollywood! It seems like every week we see him flirting with a new celeb! From Jessica Szohr to Taylor Swift to Ashley Greene, the list is long! Right now Joe is focusing on releasing his debut solo album and is on tour with Britney Spears, so he's been off the radar, but we think it's only a matter of time before we see him with a new lady! Until that happens, we just have to wonder, which of his previous romances do you think was the perfect match for Joe? Was it true love with Taylor?
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