Jessica Simpson Reveals She's Having a Boy!

Friday 9:16 AM, 18/11/2011
Is it a boy?! We think so!

Is it a boy?! We think so!

Jess and her fiance, Eric.

Jess and her fiance, Eric.

Next to Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson is probably the most girly celebrity we know! So when Jess hinted that she was having a boy, we were pretty surprised! In a recent interview Jessica was talking about her pregnancy announcement where she dressed up as a mummy for Halloween and said, "I'm going to be a mummy!" Jessica went on to say, "My kid's going to think I'm pretty cool...This a cool thing to welcome him to the world with." HIM. So is she having a boy?

It would be a pretty easy slipup to make, but for all we know Jess is having a girl and is trying to throw us off? She would do something like that for attention! Boy or girl, her kid will have a pretty cool life. (usmagazine)
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zacccy(non member) 1
18/11/2011 3:40 PM
pregnant b4 marriage ?.............

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