Jessica Simpson Gets Nasty Behind Vanessa Minnillo's Back!

Friday 9:01 AM, 29/10/2010
Jessica Simpson Gets Nasty Behind Vanessa Minnillo's Back!

Two-faced Jessica!

Is she jealous Nick is happy?

Is she jealous Nick is happy?

Does anyone else get the idea that Jessica Simpson is a little immature? Well we totally do! This week Jessica and her new boyfriend, Eric Johnson had an awkward run-in with Jessica's ex Nick Lachey and his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo at LA restaurant Red O.

The two couples didn't interact at all, in fact we hear Jessica made a huge point of ignoring NIck and Vanessa, but that didn't mean she wasn't full of drama! Spies at the restaurant say that Jessica seemed nervous and kept on knocking back the margharitas and tequila shots, after she had a few of those, she was overheard saying some pretty nasty things about Vanessa and Nick! At one point she spoke to her waitress directly saying, "I hope Vanessa likes her clothes, I bought them for her! Nick took all my money". Ouch so nasty and childish Jessica! (Source: USMagazine)

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aleksandra(non member) 1
29/10/2010 1:36 PM
nasty?ok,but it's the truth!!

Erin(non member) 2
30/10/2010 10:40 PM
Vanessa is a way better person, and better for
Nick. Jessica is just jealous because Nick and
Vanessa have been together for a long time, and he
is happy. Get over it Jessica!

si(non member) 3
05/11/2010 7:05 PM
Jessica is a better women :)

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