Jessica Simpson Celebrates Her Baby Girl!

Jessica Simpson black dress pregnant
Yesterday afternoon, the celebration of Jessica Simpson's baby girl began. Jessica's nearest friends was gathered in Los Angeles for a baby shower organized by event planner Mindy Weiss. "Jessica looked pretty and very happy," says an eyewitness. We spotted some famouse faces on the baby shower like Jessica's sister Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Alba. "She's so excited to be a mom. She can't wait to meet her little girl," says a friend. The birth will happen any time soon and we're so excited to see the baby girl! (people)
Jessica Alba and her daughter Haven Warren beige pant beige scarf orange top sunglasses beige shoes
Ashlee Simpson and Bronx Wentz black hat burberry scarf beige coat black pants black boots
Jessica Alba joined the baby shower!
Jessica Simpson light pink scarf beige cardigan black dress black heels sunglasses
Ashlee Simpson was there with her son Bronx Wentz.
Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson and Bronx Wentz zebra print dress black dress yellow detail black heels
Ashlee Simpson was there with her son Bronx Wentz.
Jessica Simpson pregnant black dress leopard leather jacket sunglasses
Ashlee Simpson was there with her son Bronx Wentz.
Published Mar 19 2012 8:56 AM
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