Jessica Simpson

10 July 1980, Abilene, USA
34 years

Leonardo DiCaprio, John Mayer. Jude Law, Nick Lachey, Tony Romo
Jessica Simpson is an American singer/actress originally from Texas. Has had 7 Billboard Top 40 hits and has released a number of movies, including The Dukes of Hazzard. Her younger sister Ashlee Simpson is also a singer. Divorced from singer Nick Lachey. Has dated John Mayer.

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Babyboom! New Celebrity Moms 2012!

Monday 9:17 AM, 31/12/2012
Charlize Theron adopted her son Jackson this year, he's SO cute!  Jessica Simpson welcomed daughter Maxwell on May 1 and she says the being a moher is the best thing ever! Megan Fox had her little Noah in September! Hilary Duff also had her first child this year! She gave birth to Luca this spring, isn't he precious? Snooki  gave birth to her first child, a son named Lorenzo, in August this year!
The stork has headed to Hollywood frequently this year! Some of our favourite stars have bebome new moms this year and welcomed their little bundles of joy into to the world, we couldn't be happier! Click on the pics to see which celebs who have become mamas this year!
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OMG! Jessica Simpson IS Pregnant!

Wednesday 8:52 AM, 26/12/2012
OMG! Jessica Simpson just revealed that she's pregnant! As she tweeted a pic of her daughter Maxwell in the sand in Hawaii next to "BIG SIS", somet...READ MORE ▶
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Jessica Simpson: Pregnant or Not?

Sunday 7:56 PM, 16/12/2012
Eager speculation has circulated around whether Jessica Simpson is preggo again or not, just seven months after giving birth to her first daughter! The rumors about the surprise baby-to-be took off at the end of last month, like an early little Christmas present! Jess has neither denied nor confirmed the reports of her rumored bundle of joy yet, so what do you think- is she once again expecting?


Do you think Jess i preggo?

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Pregnant Jessica Simpsons Married Before Christmas?

Saturday 8:05 AM, 01/12/2012
We wan't to see your wedding dress!
Jessica Simpson, who is rumored to be pregnant with baby number two, is planning to get married before christmas! As we reported eirlier, the 32-ye...READ MORE ▶
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Confirmed: Jessica Simpson Is ALREADY Pregnant Again!

Wednesday 3:39 PM, 28/11/2012
Maxwell will be a big sister! She's overjoyed!
We're not kidding now, Jessica Simpson is already pregnant again! She gave birth to her first daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson in May, and now she's ...READ MORE ▶
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The Secret Behind Jessica Simposon's Weight Loss: How She Lost 5 Kilos A Month!

Saturday 10:11 AM, 24/11/2012
Jessica visited Ellen DeGeneres just weeks before she gave birth to her daughter. After that, she lost 30kg in five months! 'During pregnancy, I didn’t really think about it,' she said about her weight gain.
Jessica followed a strict, Weight Watchers-controlled diet and workout sessions four times a week. She says: "I'm not a supermodel. My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. I'm just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiancé and herself" Simpson reportedly inked a $3 million deal to be a Weight Watchers spokesperson. It really paid off! Jessica's personal trainer Harley Pasternak is impressed: “There was one time she stubbed her toe and had to miss an appointment to go to the doctor. So she booked an extra one that week to make up for it and even came in flip-flops because her toe was too sore to put on shoes. She could have easily used that as an excuse, but she didn’t,” he says. Jessica and her little family!
Jessica Simpson has struggled hard to shed her post baby kilos! During her pregnancy the blonde drew attention for gaining amount of weight, but when her little bundle of joy had arrived - her daughter Maxwell Drew - she started to work hard with her body to become "a better version of herself", as she called it. She succesfully lost 30kg in five months in a healthy and realistic way. Wow, Jess! You certainly have good reason to be proud of your post-baby body! But how did she do? Click on the pictures to find out the reality behind her drastic weight loss!
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