What Happened To Your Cool Style, Jessica Alba?!

Monday 11:15 PM, 13/08/2012

Uhm, what happened here, Jessica Alba? We're used to her funky fresh colorful style, but we spotted her out and about the other day- looking like a grandma! The only thing that looked ok was here cute bag, but other than that she really tried on a different look... We want the old Jess back!
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coolGrace (Posh24 member) 1
14/08/2012 9:33 AM
cool sunglasses

Becks(non member) 2
14/08/2012 7:30 PM
I think she looks great!

Christina78 (Posh24 member) 3
14/08/2012 8:13 PM
Well she's a mom damn it !! She looks great by the
way ... :D Go Alba ...

Kath(non member) 4
18/08/2012 1:23 AM
Cute top, she just paired it with the wrong

tiena1012 (Posh24 member) 5
26/08/2012 9:35 PM
aah so cute

mahadi hasan(non member) 6
03/10/2012 2:15 PM
so live and sexy.

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