Jessica Alba

28 April 1981, Pomona, USA
33 years

Michael Weatherly, Paul Walker, Mark Wahlberg, Wilmer Valderrama, Cash Warren
Jessica Alba debuted in 1991, but got her big break in the series Dark Angel, where she was escaping from a lab project. She is often listed as one of the world's most beautiful and sexiest women, but sees herself as an ordinary girl. Jessicas dad is from Mexico, while the mother has Scandinavian blood with roots from Denmark and Norway. 2001 Alba developed anorexia, in connection with a kidney infection but are now seen as healthy. Together with Cash Warren, she has two wonderful sweet daughter.

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Family time for the stars!

Friday 10:07 AM, 03/12/2010
Ohhhh! What a cuti pie he is! Zuma Nesta Rock hasn't only got a super cool name, he looks pretty confident too! Maybe he got the attitude from his cool mother Gwen Stefani? Hot parents or what! And what an absolutely supersweet kid they have! Supermodel Camilla Alves and Matthew McConaughey with their little son Levis. Britney Spears doesn't have the best reputation for being a good mother and here we see her two sons Sean Preston, 5, and Jayden James, 4 with their nanny at Disney land. They might look happy but maybe they would be even happier if their mother were there with them? Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have created a really cool family! Here Joel looks relaxed with their little sweet heart Harlow. One can tell she's Nicoles daughter don't you think? Matthew and a close up at the boy with the lovely name, Levis! This is the most shy family in Hollywood! There are hardly any pics of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis toghether with their children. They have said that they really want to leav the children out of the media and it seems as if they are succeeding! Yummy mummy! Or really fit mummy one should say. Sarah Jessica Parker is probably one of the most fashionalbe mothers on the planet but it's nice to see her looking relaxed in a simple oufit when she's with her little daughter. A daughter she got through a surrogate mother, cool! Christy Turlington looks amazing and her son Finn seems to enjoy playing around with her! Cute! Little Suri is probably one of the most media haunted children on the planet. We really hope that her parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (if he stays sane...) can protect her from the paps otherwise she'll probably get nuts too. Cool papa! Cash Warren with his daughter Honor. He and Jessica Alba really picked a nice name, what an honor to be named honor!
We all love our families and so does the stars! They might be in the public eye bu that doesn't mean that they hide away in their big houses with their sweet little children, on the contrary! Here we give you a few pics of cute famiiles like Gwen Stefani's and Matthew Matthew McConaughey's! Enjoy!
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Celebrity Siblings You Never Knew They Had!

Saturday 3:29 PM, 20/11/2010
Gisele with her twin sister Patricia.

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen has five sisters - Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, Rafaela and her fraternal twin Patricia. There's no real guess as to which household the boys were constantly trying to peak into when they were growing up, as all of her sisters are Latino goddesses just like her! She's closest with her twin Patricia, who also manages her career. Don't think that this is a typical case of a leeching family manager though, Patricia is a well respected model manager and the fact that Gisele is the highest paid model in the world speaks for itself.
Ashton Kutcher has a twin brother named Michael. Michael was born with cerebral palsy, a condition in which the motor-control centers of the brain are damaged. The brothers grew up together in the cornfields of Iowa and Ashton has said that the biggest part of his childhood was looking out for Michael. Ashton was always the cool and popular kid, and protecting Michael gave him a understanding of what it's like to be the other guy, hence he was always kind to all the loosers in high school. Jessica Alba has a younger brother named Joshua, and it's safe to say that the "hot" gene runs in her family! When Josh wanted to be an actor just like his big sis, she got him a role on her hit serie Dark Angel and after that he got sporadic acting gigs here and there. He's still in the business, but has yet to make it big. Lady Gaga had her 17-year old sister Natalie Germanotta appear in her epic music video "Telephone" and we have to say that she's a living replica of a younger Gaga! Sources are saying she's been taking vocal lessons in hopes of joining her sister as a backup singer, and boy do we hope those rumours are true! 
Seeing as heartthrob Zac Efron is in a steady relationship, it might be to some comfort knowing he has a younger and very much available brother! Zac's brother Dylan has recently graduated high school and even though he doesn't quite measure up to his older brother, he's still quite a catch in our eyes! David Beckham's sister, Joanne.

British football stud David Beckham has two sisters, a older one named Lynne and a younger one named Joanne. Surprisingly enough, neither good looks or successfulness seems to run in the Beckham family. David's relationship with Lynne is strained because he disproved of her former husband, Colin Every. Colin and Lynne divorced earlier this year and not long after, Lynne started dating a man she met on Facebook. They moved in together and in August he was sentenced to jail for harassment. Lynne who is a mother of 3 is currently living of benefit checks from the government in a house that David bought her 12 years ago. 

David's younger sister Joanne is however doing much better for herself, she works as a hairdresser in a prestigious London salon and is often seen attending several events together with David. But all in all, we think it's safe to say that David's wife Victoria isn't exactly having girl talks and sharing style tips with any of his sisters... Pictured here is Robert Pattinson's older sister Lizzy.

Robert Pattinson has two older sisters, Lizzy and Victoria Pattison. Even though we can't see any remarkable resemblance between them, there's no denying that they're a good looking trio! Lizzy is a singer/songwriter who had a few hits back in 2000 with a band called Aurora, (Youtube it!) and Victoria works as a business development manager on a global team which looks after one of the largest advertisers and marketers in the world. Their parents must be insanely proud! Christina with her mom Shelly Kearns and younger half-brother Michael Kearns.

Christina Aguilera has a younger sister named Rachel Aguilera, and a younger half brother on her mom's side named Michael. Both of her siblings are extremely private, and are rarely snapped by photographers. However when Christina recently was honoured with her very own star on the walk of fame, they both showed up to celebrate with her! Rachel & Christina
It's easy to think of your favourite celebrity as an icon rather than a person, a person who is someone's brother or sister. The names of celebrities have become world famous brands, and for the people who share their last names, it's bound to come with some side effects.

Allow us to introduce you to the brothers and sisters of your favourite celebrity super stars!
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Celebrities with a knack for pregnancy style!

Saturday 3:03 PM, 16/10/2010
Angelina Jolie Jessica Alba Nicole Richie really took her pregnant fashion seriously. The boring selections inspired her to launch her own collection of chic but yet comfortable pregnancy fashion! Lily Allen Christina Applegate Heidi Klum Ashlee Simpson Stella McCartney Claudia Schiffer Alicia Keys
Swollen feet, aching limbs or a growing belly is no excuse to ditch your heels or trade in your skinny jeans for sweatpants if you live your life in front of the ever watching eyes of the paparazzi! The pressure to keep looking fabulous even during pregnancy is sky high, but there are a few tricks to combine a fashionable with comfortable! Black garments make silhouettes look thinner, maxi dresses hides ugly and comfortable shoes and neck details such as scarfs and necklaces directs attention to the breasts which you all know grow a few sizes during pregnancy! Here's a few pregnant celebrities who refused to trade in their fashionista title just cause they became pregnant. Look and learn ladies!
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Its Pumpkin Season in Hollywood!

Friday 3:02 PM, 15/10/2010
Rocker Dave Grohl and his little girl Harper WIllow Jessica Alba and her family Phoebe Price Shauna Sands Usher's baby boy dressed as a scary face pumpkin
Hollywood is building up to the big celebrations at the end of October like the rest of the world and in celeb land that means a trip to Mr. Bones' pumpkin patch with the kids, or if you are paparazzi obsessed like Phoebe Price and Shawna Sands you just show up to be photographed with your dog, ridiculous outfit and BFF! Take a look at which stars have been spotted having pumpkin fun this week so far!
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Jessica Alba Loves Throw Pillows!

Sunday 10:22 PM, 10/10/2010
You can never have enough throw pillows! We spotted Hollywood star Jessica Alba running errands in Beverly Hills yesterday looking hotter than should be allowed and with her arms full of pillows! Redecorating perhaps? In any case it looks as though she has good taste!

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Hair Style Tips: Everyone's Wearing Top Knots!

Wednesday 7:13 AM, 06/10/2010
Whitney Port Keri Russel Hilary Duff Tyra Banks Eva Mendes Nicole Richie Jessica Alba AnnaLynne McCord
Autumn is the perfect time to change up your look and try something different. Many celebrities like Whitney Port, Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens have been experimenting with a hot new hairdo style lately. After all, the easiest way to make a change is to do something different with your hair. Top knots are a chic finish to many looks plus they give your face an instant lift and show off flawless skin and cheekbones, if like these celebs you have them, flaunt them!
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