Jessica Alba

28 April 1981, Pomona, USA
33 years

Michael Weatherly, Paul Walker, Mark Wahlberg, Wilmer Valderrama, Cash Warren
Jessica Alba debuted in 1991, but got her big break in the series Dark Angel, where she was escaping from a lab project. She is often listed as one of the world's most beautiful and sexiest women, but sees herself as an ordinary girl. Jessicas dad is from Mexico, while the mother has Scandinavian blood with roots from Denmark and Norway. 2001 Alba developed anorexia, in connection with a kidney infection but are now seen as healthy. Together with Cash Warren, she has two wonderful sweet daughter.

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Jessica Alba And Cutie Honor Marie Warren Running Errands

Friday 10:33 AM, 08/06/2012
A casually dressed Jessica Alba runs errands at her office in Los Angeles and prepares her daughter Honor Marie Warren for a kids fancy dress party. We like the idea of an adorable and cute Batwoman. Way to go Honor! (and mother Jessica)
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Jessica Alba Loves Colors!

Sunday 9:25 AM, 03/06/2012
Want those shoes!!
Jessica Alba was spotted out and about in Hollywood in this lovely, summerish, colorful outfit! Jessica's created a signature style lately, which is color combo's, and we ADORE it! Her shoes are to die for. Click forward to see the whole outfit.
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Street Style: Jessica Alba

Saturday 3:30 PM, 02/06/2012
Jessica Alba is one hot mama! She dresses like mother now that she's a mom for two children and she does it fabulously. This outfit is so great because of the little detail she's added: the neon pink ballerina shoes!
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Airport Style: Jessica Alba

Saturday 2:08 AM, 02/06/2012
Celebrities travel a lot! Some like to dress up and some like to dress down. Jessica Alba is always dressed up when she travels. This outfit is both comfy for a flight and stylish! And of course the hat and the glasses are perfect!
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Jessica Alba Pumps It Up!

Saturday 2:10 AM, 26/05/2012
Jess is a real person, just like us!
Jessica Alba was seen at the gas station pumping her own gas. Most celebs have their own drivers who do this job, but not Jessica! She wore a pair of khaki chinos, white blazer, and tan oxfords. We love how real Jessica is!
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They're Boring, Just Like Us! Celebs Get Gas Too!

Friday 7:08 PM, 25/05/2012
Mischa Barton, not one of her best days. You look so cute, Ashley Tisdale! Paris Hilton. Jessica Alba. Kim Kardashian makes pumping gas glamorous.
With red carpet events, movie premieres and glamorous Hollywood life we never thought celebrities could have a single boring moment. But they do, just like the rest of us. We've checked out 6 celebs like Ashley Tisdale and Paris Hilton filling gas. Sounds fun, right? Yea, that's what we thought...
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