Jesse Williams

5 August 1981, Chicago, Illinois, USA
33 years

Jesse Williams is an American actor and model who has been actiong in various musicals, films and tv-series but is best known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on the ABC series Grey's Anatomy. Jesse graduated from Temple University with degrees in African American Studies and Film & Media Arts. His mother is Swedish and his father is African-American.
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Grey's Anatomy Star Jesse Williams Is A Dad!

Friday 8:18 AM, 10/01/2014
Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams is now a dad. The actor and his wife Aryn Drake-Lee welcomed a baby girl in early December, Us Weekly con...READ MORE ▶
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Friday Hot Guy: Jesse Williams!

Friday 11:03 PM, 28/09/2012
Actors get to attent Music Awards, too! So fashion of you to wear a scarf like that, hot! Keep smiling Jesse, keep smiling. Jesse is even hotter in this fun furry hat! Sexy! You look sharp in that suit Jesse! Such a pretty face. Oh. Hey there! Your stare makes us blush...
Finally the day we've been waiting for since.. ehm last week! Friday! You know what that means right? Friday Hot Guy! Grey's Anatomy-actor Jesse Williams is hot and there is no denying it so we are just gona let these pictures speak for themselves - enjoy!
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Hottie Alert! Jesse Williams Out In London!

Sunday 10:27 AM, 10/06/2012
Cooking for us? That's so sweet!
Jesse Williams from "Grey's Anatomy" went out on the streets of London to shop groceries! He could cook us dinner aaany day of the week...
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Let The Games Begin: Who Will Play Finnick Odair?

Wednesday 5:10 PM, 30/05/2012
Armie is staring in the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp! Taylor recently starred in Battleship. Garrett is known for his movie, Tron Legacy. Jesse Williams stars on Grey's Anatomy. RPatz is trying to break away from teen-trilogies like Twilight.
The first Hunger Games movie was a huge success and now we already can't wait for the second one! Neither can the fans or Lionsgate- the company th...READ MORE ▶
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Exotic A-Listers: Where In The World Are They From?!

Monday 9:08 PM, 23/04/2012
Vanessa Hudgens is a quarter Irish, quarter Indian (Native American), quartz Filipino, 25% Spanish and 25% Chinese. What a mix! Kim Kardashian owes her exotic looks to her Armenian, Scottish and Dutch background. She once stated that she gets her curves from her Armenian heritage. Mila Kunis is Ukrainian and was born in the Ukraine, she moved to the US when she was 7 years old. The "Grey's Anatomy"-star Jesse Williams was born in Chicago to a Swedish mother and an African American father. Enrique Iglesias' father is Spanish and mother is Filipino. His mother has also Spanish ancestry as she was born into a Spanish-Mestizo family in the Philippines. His father is also half Jewish. Nina Dobrev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria to Bulgarian parents. There has been rumors that Chad Michael Murray's grandfather met and married a Japanese woman and then Chad’s mother was born. This would mean that he is a quarter Japanese. Naomi Campbell was born to a father of Black Jamaican ethnicity with part Chinese ancestry. Her grandmother had Chinese ancestry Bruno Mars is part-Puerto Rican and part Filipino.
We always find it interesting to discover that our favorite celebrities are from different countries! Thanks to their exotic heritage these celebs have looks to kill- and we're jealous! Click on the pics to find out who is from the Ukraine and who is Japanese!
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Welcome Back Boys! This Is Why We Love The Fall!

Thursday 5:37 PM, 22/09/2011
With Stefan going bad on this season of the Vampire Diaries, we finally get to see the dark side of Paul Wesley! Jesse Spencer is the obvious hunk on House! Finally Ashton Kutcher is back in our tv-screens! We've been waiting for this since the final episode of That 70's Show! We wouldn't mind having Josh Hopkins from Cougar Town as our neighbor! We can't wait to see Penn Badgley as Lonley Boy again! Tristan Wilds from 90210 seems so charming! There's a reason Eric Danes character on Grey's Anatomy is called Dr.Steamy... Sexiest vampire ever? Well, at least Ian Somerhalder is one heck of a candidate! We whised we had Dr. Avery as our doctor! Jesse Williams is just so hot! Is there any cooler guy on TV than Chuck Bass? We don't think so, probably because Ed Westwick is so amazing!
So we've sort of been looking forward to the fall and the reason is spelled: SEXY GUYS! After an entire summer without our favourite series we can't wait to get in front of the tv-screen and get our weekly dose of steamy doctors, sexy vampires and spoiled Upper East Side boys!

You guys must be as excited as we are, thinking about all the eye candy this fall has to offer! Do you perhaps have someone you're looking forward to seeing a little extra? A soft spot for Chace Crawford perhaps, or is Ian Somerhalder's gazing eyes all you ever dream of? Either way, FINALLY, fall is here!
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