Flirt Alert: Kat Von D and Jesse James!

Monday 8:47 PM, 16/08/2010
Flirt Alert: Kat Von D and Jesse James!

Totally on a date together!

Will he be better for Kat?

Will he be better for Kat?

We all know Sandra Bullock's cheating ex Jesse James has a thing for women with tattoos by now and it looks like he is ready to get over the whole divorce drama with Sandra and start dating again. He was spotted with tattoo queen Kat Von D in Las Vegas on Saturday night!

The two were seen getting cosy in a boothe at the Palms Casino resort, even sharing each other's food and they were holding hands on the way out, sounds like a date to us! There have been rumors that Jesse has been trying to get Sandra back, but we guess this date proves that wrong, or will, as soon as Sandra finds out about it! We really didn't take Kat for the kind of girl who dates cheaters, she is so hardcore! Maybe she is hoping he has changed....(Source: People)
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HeySoulsister(non member) 1
17/08/2010 8:25 PM
Do they really have that much in common other than
having a million tattoos?

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