Jennifer Lopez

24 July 1969, New York, USA
45 years

J.LO, Jenny
Chris Paciello, Cris Judd, Wesley Snipes, P. Diddy, Ojani Noa, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez is a Puerto-Rican singer/actress who also goes by the name J-Lo. Jennifer grew up in the Bronx in New York. She has dated both Ben Affleck (we all remember Bennifer) and P. Diddy and have been married to Marc Anthony. She has two twins, Max and Emme, with her ex-husband Marc.

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Celebrity junk food lovers!

Saturday 2:57 PM, 23/10/2010
Whitney Port Ashlee Simpson Holly Madison Jennifer Lopez Heidi Klum Tori Spelling Kate Bosworth Victoria Silvstedt Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale Jennifer Garner Emma Roberts Mary J Blige Amy Winehouse Paris Hilton
It's time for some naming and shaming! You didn't think us mortals were the only ones who slipped up in our diets, did you? Celebrities crave junk food just as much as we do and luckily for us, some of them gets snapped by the paparazzi when caving in to it! If you're wondering whether or not to treat yourself this weekend, we think this picture gallery will make you feel just in the mood to do so. We say go for it, you only live once!
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Who Wore it Best - Jennifer or Catherine?

Thursday 2:28 PM, 07/10/2010
Jennifer Lopez Catherine Deneuve
These two ladies couldn't be more different! One is Jenny from the block Jennifer Lopez, a singer, actress and fashion designer and the other, Catherine Deneuve is a French movie icon. They both chose to wear this Lanvin draped dress recently and we didn't really love either of these looks for them, but who do you think pulled it off a bit better?


Who wore it best?

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Monday 2:32 PM, 27/09/2010
8.  Don't become a victim to fashion trend like Fearne Cotton did this week! Just because 70's wide hip pants are back in fashion right now, doesn't mean you have to wear them, especially if they don't suit your body type. These are a definite no for us for Fearne! Especially with that blouse! 7. Amber Rose attempting a sophisticated look? It still doesn't work for us. This outfit is way to try-hard for us and there is so much going on at the top and then nothing at the bottom. Balance Amber, its the key to dressing well, especially if you are at Fashion Week! 6. Even in Vivienne Westwood Pamela Anderson is too much, but we guess that is just her look. Just once we would like to see Pam looking a little more natural and toned down...its probably never going to happen though... 5. We get why Tyra Banks wore an office outfit to the "Wall Street: 2", its the whole theme for the movie, but for us its still a big no. Oh and her hair back like that is a terrible look for her. This tiny head, huge forehead, big boobs and hips look makes her totally out of proportion! 4. Sophia Vergara hiding those great curves again! When will she learn! She is trying to be taken more seriously, we get that, but why take away all your best assets? This snakeskin print dress is totally the wrong color and fit for her! 3. We are not sure what the hell Jennifer Lopez was thinking at the big American Idol press conference last week. The jumpsuit wasn't the best match for her body and the BIG hair was a total disaster! Fail! 2. Eliza Doolittle at London Fashion Week. Where do we start. Sneakers with red socks sticking out? the neon belt on top of the leopard shorts and the barely there top. Its way too much! We don't know where to look!  This badly wants to be a hot look but it just falls apart, just like that top looks like its falling off her shoulders! 1. Jaime Winstone again attempting a Lady Gaga look? When is this girl going to learn to make her own style? Disco might be back in this season, but that doesn't mean you should hit the streets looking like a crazed femmebot!
Getting into a style rut is easy to do and its dangerous, especially when the look wasn't that flattering to begin with, just ask Taylor Momsen and Pamela Anderson! Ladies were trying to be noticed with their individual crazy style this week, but some of them failed badly. Here is our list for the week.
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Your New American Idol Judges!

Thursday 1:03 PM, 23/09/2010
She looks excited! We are guessing Steven is going to be the bad guy!
The rumors were all true! Ellen Degeneres and Kara Dioguardi and of course Simon Cowell have left American Idol and finally its official, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will join Randy Jackson as the new judges!

A big press conference was held yesterday where American Idol host Ryan Seacrest introduced the 3 new stars to each other and it was hugs and excitement all round. We think its going to be exciting and we can't wait to see if there is any diva behavior, we just can't decide if its going to be from Steven or J.Lo!
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Latest news

J.Lo Seals $12 Million Deal with American Idol!

Wednesday 8:48 AM, 15/09/2010
Her outfits are sure to be interesting!
Its official Jennifer Lopez is one of the new judges for the next season of American Idol! After spending the whole summer negotiating and lots of rumors about diva demands and stuff ruining the deal, its looks like its all been sorted with a year long contract and a rumored $12 million salary! We also hear Jennifer will be sitting on the panel for the first Idol auditions as soon as next week! Jennifer will be replacing Ellen Degeneres and Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler will probably be taking Simon Cowell's seat. The only judge still on the panel from last year's show is Randy Jackson. We can't wait to see how J.Lo does! (Source: Wenn)
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Beauty Trend Watch: The New Nudes!

Thursday 6:23 PM, 02/09/2010
Jennifer Lopez in a look that is totally different from her dramatic, smokey sometimes overdone makeup. We have to say she is still pretty and the matte look is interesting too! When you have great skin like Kate Bosworth its not hard to go nude and barely there These shades of pink and greys go perfectly with the natural tones on her face.  Megan Fox shows off a great way to do nude by night, shades of gold and pink frame her gorgeous face perfectly! If you are afraid of totally washing out your face when trying out a nude look, why not just add some black mascara and liner, Jessica Stroup did it here and it really made those blue eyes pop! Jessica Biel is naturally gorgeous, so the nude look works perfectly on her! In this picture its hard to tell she is even wearing anything on her face, but there is a foundation, light eyeshadow, soft mascara, cleverly placed blush and a bit of nude pink lip, all by Revlon of course for their event of course! What a perfect weekend look! The Olsen twins always do dramatic makeup, even when they do nude tones! Shades of natural browns can be used on the lips as long as they repeated with bronzer around the cheeks and browns on the eyes. A bit a of a different look for night! Eva Mendes has made nude her signature look and she has also been rocking the nude nail trend lately with her beige and pale nail colors. So hot right now! Everyone is talking about Angelina Jolie's nude makeup on the red carpet lately. She has been promoting her latest movie Salt and has been impressing the world with her barely there makeup looks. Impressive that a mom of 6 can look this fresh! We bet her secret is a great concealer and eye cream! Diane Kruger has been seen wearing the hottest of this season's runway looks. At this year's Balmain Autumn/Winter 2010 collections, models were all made up exactly lilke Diane is here, natural nude colours on the face that only enhance what you already have, they don't hide or fake anything! So clean and fresh! Katharine McPhee is back to her natural hair color and we think she looks fantastic with her natural tone makeup too! Would you dare to wear nudes in the same edgy way Heidi Klum did? Hair swept away from the face with only black eye shadow and mascara. We think this look would really work on someone younger, but in Heidi's case its just bringing out those wrinkles - careful ladies! Its all about balance! We love the way Rihanna plays with makeup and always puts her own spin on a trend. Here she has kept her entire face nude except for a line of reddish/orange and black around the edge of her eyes. We love! Kim Kardashian hardly ever goes anywhere without being totally made up and we are surprised that she has been experimenting with nudes too, because she is usually so dramatically done up, but here she has just added some silver shadow  and false lashes. A great complement to the nude tones on the rest of her face! A huge trend for this season is a completely nude look from head to toe, literally! Wear nude makeup, nude tone clothes and even nude shoes, but here is the secret weapon - a bright lipstick to make sure you still stand out!
One of summer's hottest makeup trends was fresh and simple nude tones for day and night and it looks like we are carrying nude right into Autumn/Winter 2010 with us! Runways were filled with fresh-faced models with just a touch of mascara, lipstick or bronzer. Makeup only enhanced what features the models already had and didn't create anything that wasn't there.

Our suggestion for Autumns nudes? Play around with different variations of nude. If you have a nude lip and cheek brighten up your look with a thick eyeliner and dramatic mascara, or if your face and eyes are natural and nude, do a bright lipstick. Metallics and browns also work well to make nude a little dramatic for evening and oh, don't forget to go pale on your nails too! Here is some inspiration from fashionista stars like Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel and Eva Mendes on how to do the new nudes!
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