Jennifer Lawrence

Dec 1 2013 6:30 PM

Jennifer Lawrence On Fame: "My Personal Life Is Ruined!"

Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood's most talented young stars, but there are days when she misses her old life...

Nov 25 2013 4:04 PM

Jennifer Lawrence Is Seeing Nicholas Hoult Again!

Jennifer Lawrence, 23, and Nicholas Hoult, 23, are seeing each other again...

Nov 23 2013 6:30 PM

Liam Hemsworth Admits He Is "Much Happier" Without Miley!

There's no need to cry for Liam Hemsworth...

Nov 20 2013 12:44 PM

Do You Like Jennifer Lawrence's Sheer Haute Couture Dior Gown!

Last night, Jennifer Lawrence showed up at the huge Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, wearing this sheer gray haute couture Dior gown...

Nov 20 2013 11:23 AM

Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Her Social Anxiety Issues!

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most wanted actresses in Hollywood right now, but behind her strong appearance, she's struggling against social anxiety...

Nov 12 2013 9:12 PM

See All Pics From The World Premiere Of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Yesterday the world premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was held at the Odeon Leicester Square in London...

Nov 7 2013 4:57 PM

Jennifer Lawrence Says It's Very Lonely Being An Actress!

Jennifer Lawrence had her big break a few years ago, and now she's one of Hollywoods most wanted actresses...