Jennifer Farley

1 January 1987, Fanklin Square, New York
28 years

Jenni "J-Wow"
Jenni Farley is an american tv-personality. She has starred in the tv-show "Jersey Shore in 2009. Jenni Farley also has her hown clothing line.
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Like ABC! Back To School With JWoww!

Friday 2:39 AM, 02/11/2012
Back to school Jwoww!
Halloween is everywhere we look today - and JWoww is all dressed up for the occasion! What do you think of her school girl outfit? We think it’s pretty neat, but you could've tried a little harder...
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Jennifer "JWoww" Farley's Dip-Dyed Hair

Friday 10:01 AM, 01/06/2012
Jennifer 'JWoww' Farley falled for pressure and has now dip-dyed her hair pink. Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt are a few among other celebrities that have followed the Hollywood hair-trend. We're not a fan of this trend on JWoww, maybe if she had a lighter pink color it would have worked. Click on the pictures to see more of JWoww's new hairstyle.
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JWoww Wants To Be A Mom!

Friday 2:48 PM, 08/04/2011
Jersey Shore star Jennifer "JWoww" Farley recently expressed her growing desire to become a mom! Shocking news to say the least! In a recent interv...READ MORE ▶
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Tuesday 5:04 PM, 15/02/2011
Whenever a hot new trend starts like the 70's trend this Spring/Summer there is a whole mess of stars who try and fail to wear it fi...READ MORE ▶
9. As soon as we saw the usually fashion fabulous Selma Blair in this silly playsuit this weekend we knew, this girl needs a pregnancy stylist! The top part of this outfit looks like its about to fall off and hit the ground! 8. When the 70's trend goes wrong! Ellen Pompeo was totally washed out in the color combination she decided to wear to a Gucci party this past week. Not cute at all! 7. Miley Cyrus wore this flowery mess to Justin Bieber's movie premiere this past week. Is she trying to look older than her 18 years on purpose? 6. Camilla Belle attempting to color block and getting it all wrong! We like that she takes risks, but what is it with everyone trying to look 20 years older lately, just because a trend is retro, doesn't mean you actually have to look like you lived in the retro era! 5. Ooooh everyone knows its not such an honor to be asked to walk the Richie Rich runway means he thinks you are the trashiest girl around right now! Congrats Jenni Farley "J-Woww". The whole world has seen your boobs - AGAIN! 4. What happened to Leona Lewis?! She has had some kind of makeover and has turned herself into a neon-wearing, bad hair bangs disaster! The top and skirt don't even fit properly! 3. Jennifer Love Hewitt is still struggling to find ways to cover up the weight she has gained and balance it with her already pear-shaped body. Here is a hint Jennifer: Loads of fabric everywhere is not going to slim you down! 2. What was Willow Smith wearing to the Grammy's?! We thought this girl had fashionista written all over her when she first hit the scene with her album launch. But this looks more like a silly kids Halloween costume than a stylish outfit! 1. There is nothing flattering about this outfit on Toni Braxton. The worst part of it is she has camel-toe and all the wrong parts of her body are being shown off!
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Welcome To New York Fashion Week!

Friday 7:32 PM, 11/02/2011
 Christian Siriano  Christian Siriano  Christian Siriano  Christian Siriano  Christian Siriano  Christian Siriano  Christian Siriano Richie Rich and JWoww aka Jenni Farley Tinsley Mortimer on the runway for Richie Rich Backstage at Luca Luca Luca Lucka Models Max Azria Max Azria Max Azria Max Azria
We know you love Mercedes-Benz IMG New York Fashion Week just as much as we do, so of course we are going to bring you the best of the runway, backstage, the front rows, red carpets and after parties all week! Yesterday Fashion Week kicked off with shows from young and hot designers Christian Siriano and Richie Rich. Take a look at some of our favorite moments!
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Picture special

Monday 4:06 PM, 10/01/2011
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