Jennifer Aniston

11 February 1969, Los Angeles, USA
46 years

Paul Sculfor, Jason Lewis, Orlando Bloom, Vince Vaughn, Brad Pitt, Tate Donovan, John Mayer, Owen Wilson, Justin Theroux
Together with other Friends Gang Jennifer Aniston created success worldwide. It was in the same series as she got her big break and is one of the few television actors who have managed to carve out a film career afterwards. As small, she lived in Greece with her family, but moved to the United States when her father got the job as Victor Kiriakis in Days of our lives. Jennifer Aniston was previously married to actor Brad Pitt, but was left for Angelina Jolie, which has been a great media attention. Her best friend in Friends, Courteney Cox, is also her best friend in real life.
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Fashion Battle!

Bruno Copies the Stars!

Wednesday 2:17 PM, 22/07/2009
Christina Aguilera's signature leopard print looks way better on her than it does on Bruno! We are sure Bruno dreams of becoming the first male Victorias Secret Angel, but nobody can ever replace gorgeous Heidi Klum. Bruno's version of Brad Pitt's sexy Troy outfit is far more camp! The Hills star Heidi Montag should feel honoured! She must be a Hollywood star in her own right if Bruno is copying her look! We think Nicollette Sheridan is a far sexier Desperate Housewife and soldier than Bruno is, but he looks pretty cute there too we have to say!
By now I am sure many of you have seen the hilarious new Sacha Baron Cohen movie Bruno! The story is all about a german tv star trying everything he can think of to become a Hollywood superstar. While promoting the movie, Sacha Baron Cohen, always in character as Bruno has worn some really crazy outfits, but we have noticed that he has also been copying some other stars looks. Take a look at some of his best copy cat outfits:


Who looks better?

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Brad Pitt's mum: go back to Jennifer!

Monday 9:32 PM, 13/07/2009
The hot actor Brad Pitt once left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie - which his family regrets. The 45-year-old actor has now begun talking to Jen again though and his mum has been encouraging him every step of the way to go back to her. "Jane's so happy that Brad and Jen are talking again", says a source. "She's never liked Angelina - and lately, all she hears when she talks to Brad is how miserable he is. As a mother, it tears her apart to see him like this - in such a negative relationship and constantly arguing. Jane's seen, first hand, how difficult Angelina is. She never comes to visit the family in Missouri and is always prickly on the rare occasions they have got together. Jennifer was the total opposite." Oh my god, imagine if really leaves Angelina for Jennifer, what a drama queen he is!
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On set

Jennifer Aniston ready for Gossip Girl?

Tuesday 9:52 AM, 07/07/2009
Jennifer Aniston ready for Gossip Girl?
Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen Blake in a new hot outfit What a dress!! Cute! What are you doing on the set Jen?! Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey HOT! Already tired Jen? Isn't that a video camera in the back of the car? Penn Badgley as Dan Humphrey Those shoes are to die for! Jen getting real sick of it....
The whole crew where ready to shoot scenes for the popular TV show Gossip Girl in midtown Manhattan, New York. They all looked as stunning as usual with their fancy clothes, but the paps suddenly got a real twist when Jennifer Aniston showed up in a blue car, looking rather happy! Has she got a part in Gossip Girl?!
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Get your metal disco balls shining!

Monday 4:04 PM, 06/07/2009
Get your metal disco balls shining!
Whitney Port Victoria Beckham Leighton Meester Lauren Conrad Gisele Bundchen Jennifer Aniston Heidi Klum Mary-Kate Olsen Rachel Zoe Eva Longoria Paris Hilton Kate Moss with the man who designed her dress: Marc Jacobs! Heidi Montag Blake Lively Cheryl Cole
One of this summer's biggest trends are metal colours for sure! The trend has been seen on practically every hot celeb and it comes in all sorts of styles. Take a look and pick out your favorite!


Who wore the trend best?

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Top List: Highest Earning Femal Actors!

Friday 2:15 PM, 03/07/2009
No.2 Jennifer Aniston $25 million NO.3 Meryl Streep $24 million No.4 Sarah Jessica Parker $23 million No.5 Cameron Diaz $20 million No. 6 (tie) Sandra Bullock $15 million No.6 (tied) Reese Witherspoon  $15 million No.8 (tied) Nicole Kidman $12 million No.8 (tied) Drew Barrymore $12 million No.10 Renée Zellweger $10 million No.11 Cate Blanchett $8 million
Forbes Magazine has come out with another one of their famous top lists! A few weeks back we brought you the top highest earning Hollywood leading men and now it is the ladies' turn. No big surprises here as Angelina Jolie tops the list with Jennifer Aniston right behind her! See where super stars like Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Nicole Kidman ended up this year down below!
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Love is in the air

Love Triangle Alert: Brad, Jennifer and Renée !

Thursday 12:39 PM, 02/07/2009
Newly single Bradley Cooper really seems to be enjoying the best of the Hollywood ladies at the moment! He has been seen on romantic dates with Jennifer Aniston in New York over the past weeks and now he has been spotted with another hottie funny lady, Renée Zellweger! Bradley is set to be playing with both ladies in upcoming movies, but witnesses say that both dates looked like way more than business dinners! People are saying that Brad was openly flirty and cosy with both ladies, so we wonder how he is going to handle this situation? We see a love triangle coming on! (Source: OK!)


Who Should Brad Be with?

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